The First Pull #70

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THIS exchange between Michele Letendre (Vellner’s coach) and Caroline Lambray (Adler’s coach).


Congrats to btwb athlete Jeffrey Adler for winning the CrossFit Games
He now holds the title, Fittest Man on Earth.

Congrats to btwb athlete Jason Grubb for winning the CrossFit Games for fourth time
Age is just a number!

Barbell Mobility Launches On btwb
Daily 10-minute warmups to increase your potential with the barbell. Created by  Olympian, Chad Vaughn.

Bolder Athlete Programming Launches On btwb
btwb athlete & 4x CrossFit Games Champion Jason Grubb gives you 2 Masters programs.

Rich Froning gets a special greet
See what this 12 year old girl has to say.

Jason Khalipa shares something that inspired him at the CrossFit Games
He presents an alternative perspective on aging.

btwb Community Highlights

btwb team member Danny does a long 20 min AMRAP.

btwb athlete Carolyne Prevost takes on a nasty chipper.

📱 @cprevost27

btwb team member Toni Smith tackles Acid Bath.

Podcasts From The Community


VNR # 122: Managing a group class is not the same as coaching
📺 Watch     Apple    🎧 Spotify
– A VNR listener is buying an existing gym. The current training staff seems to be “managing” the group classes well, but not actually “coaching” members. The new owner wants to elevate the staff to offer world class coaching. How can this be done? Pat & Adrian discuss this topic. Support the Varied Not Random Podcast


CrossFit Linchpin: What’s my favorite Games event?
Pat covers CrossFit, favorite Games event, running program, form, and media coverage tips.

Coffee With Khalipa: PR’s Fade, Memories Last A Lifetime
Jason discusses PRs and lasting memories in fitness; he encourages setting goals and embracing the struggle.


Best Hour of Their Day: Jeff Adler and Caroline Lambray
Jeff Adler and Caroline Lambray won CrossFit Games. Future plans for business ventures, training insights shared.


Huberman Lab Podcast: Ketamine: Benefits and Risks for Depression, PTSD & Neuroplasticity
Ketamine treats depression, PTSD; and potential neuroplasticity, but abused recreationally it interacts with opioid system.

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