Which btwb athletes are heading back to Madison this summer?

The First Pull #60-May 30th

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Where does your Murph score fall on the percentile chart?


  • Virtual AI coach helps treat patients suffering from depression and anxiety
    In a preliminary trial, a voice-based virtual coach named Lumen was used to provide problem-solving treatment to adults with mild to moderate depression or anxiety. The results showed a decrease in certain neural activity associated with cognitive control in the group receiving the intervention, along with improvements in self-reported problem-solving ability. There was also a notable decrease in scores indicating depression, anxiety, and overall psychological distress. These promising results set the foundation for a more comprehensive future study on the use of digital interventions for mental health.

Podcasts From The Community



  • The Rich Froning Podcast 005- Here’s what happened at Seminfinals 
    Rich Froning shares his experience of being denied access at the semifinals, leading to him removing his coach’s pass and leaving the event. He emphasizes the need for improved communication between CrossFit and external brands for media coverage and highlights the importance of international representation at the CrossFit Games.



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