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The First Pull #61- June 6th

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VNR #113: Should workout standards be based on gender or the individual?
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– A VNR listener wanted to know why some movement standards (like box jumps & wall ball target heights)  seem to be based on gender instead of the individual athlete. Pat & Adrian give their thoughts on this topic. Support the Varied Not Random Podcast


The Rich Froning Podcast 006- Critiquing The Programming 
This episode covers a range of topics including fitness, vacation, movies, and critiques of various workout events. Rich discusses his experiences in California, preferences for certain events, and touch on the weight and size of athletes in CrossFit.

Jocko Podcast- 387- You don’t inherit self confidence & discipline
In Jocko Podcast 387, General Michael Ferriter discusses combatives training and military operations. The conversation highlights the importance of discipline, self-confidence, controlled aggression, and integrity in leadership, while expressing gratitude towards the military and first responders for their sacrifices.

Pursuing health- CEO of your own well-being
The transcript emphasizes the significance of well-being, happiness, and personal control over one’s health and longevity. It discusses the evolving understanding of longevity, the role of spirituality in mental health, and the importance of nutrition, movement, stress resilience, connection, and environmental consciousness in overall well-being.


Huberman Lab Podcast: How your emotions & social factors impact learning
Dr. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang discusses the impact of emotions and social factors on learning during an interview on the Huberman Lab Podcast. Her research emphasizes the role of emotions in consciousness and cognition, highlighting their influence on various aspects of our lives and learning experiences.

The Drive Podcast- Cognitive decline, neurodegeneration, and head injuries: mitigation and prevention strategies
The podcast episode explores cognitive decline, neurodegeneration, and head injuries. Topics discussed include the importance of education and cognitive activity in preventing cognitive decline, as well as strategies for mitigating head injuries such as thermoregulation and supplementation with EPA and DHA.

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