The Independent Gym #3: BRICK New York

In New York City on Lexington Ave near Grand Central Station, between 45th & 46th street, lies the home of BRICK New York.

“Welcome to BRICK New York! A state of the art strength and conditioning facility in the heart of Manhattan. We have developed a new approach to fitness, building an athletic program that’s comprehensive, inclusive and always challenging. At BRICK, we’re about more than just fitness. We’re a family – a family supported by a team of coaches and staff, each dedicated to offering guidance and support to you, every day. If you’re in NYC – come check us out :wink:
– BRICK New York

Instagram: @bricknewyork
Facebook: @bricknewyork

Independent gyms are a treasure. Within them we learn nothing is given, everything is earned. These gyms are the bedrock of fitness culture and progress. They are a unique environment which yields healthier, happier people & strong relationships. It’s essential we preserve these gyms and the independent mindset.

btwb has supported independent gyms since 2008. The Independent Gym show is a spotlight on these special places. Look for new episodes each week.

If you can, please support your local independent gym.

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