JUST LAUNCHED: Complex Building

The latest update to the btwb app is currently rolling out to all users. This is the first release of a feature that’s been long requested by our awesome users: native complex building & logging.

Until now, the work-around to log any complex was to utilize a predefined, unofficial, custom movement such as “1 Deadlift + 2 Hang Power Cleans”. The problem was that these custom movements were difficult to log if they didn’t already exist, and they didn’t track the individual components involved in your complex.

Today’s update fixes those problems. Users can now log sets of any custom complex, both on its own or inserted into any workout style. Let’s take a look at how the new complex feature works!


You can find the new complex buttons on both the Single Movement and Multiple Movement options when building your workout.

When you choose the “Single Movement” option, tapping the “LIFTING COMPLEX” button will let you choose between logging an X Rep Max, Sets, or EMOM style workout.

Next, simply tap “Add Movement to Complex” to start adding movements to your complex.

You can add as many components to your complex as you’d like, as well as specify the number of reps for each.

Once you’re done building the complex itself, you can then enter the load used and how many reps of the whole complex were performed.

In the example below, we’ve build a complex consisting of 1 Deadlift + 2 Power Cleans + 3 Push Jerks. This was then logged for a 3RM of the at 210 lbs.

When you select the “Multiple Movements” option instead, you follow the same steps as you’d normally take when making your workout, but you’ll now have the “Add Complex” button to utilize in any template.

For example, pictured below is a 5 rounds for time workout with a barbell complex built into the middle of it.

Being able to add a complex to any workout style allows for the building of workouts that were either tedious to do or not possible at all.

Complexes don’t have to be lifting movements! You can get creative with gymnastics complexes for example.


With native complex support, btwb will automatically keep track of the movement volume you tally from each component of your complex.

In the screenshot below, you can see that 10 sets of the complex: 3 Toes-to-bar + 3 Pull-ups + 3 Bar Muscle-ups, totaled to +30 reps of each in the movement volume section.

We’re really excited to provide proper complex support to the btwb community. This is the first of many awesome upgrades we’re currently hard at work with, and can’t wait to show you what else is in store!

Make sure to update your btwb app to the latest version, 10.1.6, to utilize the new feature!

If you have any feedback or discover any issues, please send us a message at support@btwb.com and we’ll handle everything!

Thanks for being awesome.

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