btwb Beta Test Updates

The feedback from our beta testers has been amazing so far. Our goal is to update the beta app daily. Since releasing our first test version on Nov 2 we’ve made lots of progress. Our goal here is to chronicle that progress through the full release of the new app to the entire community.

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Updates as of 12/09/20 (version 10.0.2020120800):

*Latest updates in bold

  • Fitness Level “browse workouts” now works
  • Fitness Level results window expanded from 6 months to 1 year
  • Lifts Calculator 3, 5, and 10 RM numbers updated
  • Programs are now functional. Try adding one!
  • Font size increased for calendar and results feeds
  • Edit/Delete options added to workout session screens
  • Scroll up functionality to reveal “next step” button when logging scores
  • Imbalances now works (with more updates to the graphs coming)
  • Fixed asyncstorage issue that kept some users from logging in
  • Fixed an issue with viewing private profiles
  • Added new filters to Workouts Search screen (My WODs, Previous)
  • Limited homescreen lifestyle questions to “today” only
  • Homescreen Calendar updates (colors, shapes, sizing/height)
  • Added a Photo filter option to Results Feed
  • Imbalances design updates (more functionality to come)
  • Fix to show Animal icons for Masters Levels
  • Fix to map movements with proper modalities on workout pages
  • Workout leaderboards with filtering now available

  • Added “and more” & “only these” options to Search=>Workouts movement filters
  • Added “start” & “end” labels to Leaderboard date filters
  • Squads added to Leaderboard filtering
  • More leaderboard design updates
  • Fixed navigation when commenting on a workout session from a Results feed
  • Added a Recent Posts section to workout screens (last 3)
  • Fixed logging weigh-ins to detect commas as decimals
  • Fixed formatting in stats section of movement screens
  • Added Leaderboard links to workout, workout session, and Search=>Workouts screens
  • Fixed app crashing when clicking on Fitness Level lifting results
  • Emojis: new skin tone options (set default skin tone in settings)
  • Emojis: new emojis added (unlocked at specific workout session post milestones)
  • Now showing stats and levels in proper units on Movement screens
  • New language updates (update language in settings, more translations added each day)
  • Linked comments notifications to actual workout session comments screens
  • Various Training Days design and calculation fixes 
  • Increased icon sizes on logging screens
  • New Direct Messaging feature (accessed via Side Menu and Profile screens)
  • WODscreen cast fix for iOS
  • New Workout PR badge
  • Added new actions to the Body Composition tab: Set/Update Start Date & Set/Update Target
  • More Direct Messaging updates
  • Added the Analyze => Weigh Ins screen (log weigh-ins, view weigh-ins history, set targets)
  • Updated Imbalances screen to include avg line number, blurbs, and missing workouts
  • Added a fix to dismiss the keyboard on comment send 
  • Workouts now display 1, 5, 10 rep maxes for programmed lifting workouts on the calendar 
  • Workouts now display %1RM values for programmed workouts with percentages on the calendar
  • Fixed an issue with certain movement pages displaying a white screen
  • Demo video links from movement pages now work  
  • Added a Settings option to show/hide Nutrition/Feel Good questions and progress bars on home screen
  • Users can now view other users’ Badges screens by clicking on their earned badges
  • Increased font size on Workout Session screens: header, notes, result
  • New Body Composition tab design updates: button colors and spacing
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