New btwb Beta App

It’s official! We are currently beta testing a new btwb app. If interested in testing things out and providing feedback, join our beta list here. We still have some updates to make and some bugs to fix, but we’re excited to share with you the biggest changes thus far.

What’s Different? Simply Put…Everything.

The new btwb app takes everything you love about the current app and makes it better.

Home Screen

Our new home screen displays the most important things about your fitness journey: your workouts and your body composition progress.

The Calendar

The new and improved calendar is cleaner and more efficient.

  • Action Buttons: Condensed into a single “+” button
  • Videos: Scroll horizontally to view multiple attached YouTube links
  • Extra Instructions: Tucked away in a new collapse/expand option to keep multiple workouts more easily digestible.
  • Movement GIFs: SEE your workouts. Automatically pulled in based on the movements programmed to each workout.

Slide Menu

Everything else can be found tucked away in our new slide menu.


Your new one-stop-shop to monitor progress. Each of the btwb analysis features can now be found in the slide menu’s Analyze section.

  • Training Days: Now includes Nutrition Days and Feel Good Days. Also shows PRs on the calendar.
  • Modalities: Updates coming soon 
  • Weigh Ins: Updates coming soon

Fitness Level Reimagined

Our goal with Fitness Level was two-fold: 1) Add even more legitimacy to users’ scores, and 2) Encourage more regular testing of popular benchmark workouts.

We’ve managed to do both by adding a lock/unlock component to the Fitness Level feature. Users must now have 2 valid workout results to “unlock” a category, and all 8 categories must be unlocked in order to reveal an overall Fitness Level score.

Lifts Calculator

We’ve added a new tool to help you easily calculate percentages of maxes for lifts. Add one or many lifts to your list and adjust the percentages as needed.


It is now easier than ever to view and engage with family and friends’ workout sessions on btwb from around the world. Build your own Following list then use the new Activity Feeds (below) to stay up to date with everyone’s performances. Your own Follow Privacy is turned off by default. Turn it on via app Settings if you’d prefer to stay hidden. *The same goes for Follow Notifications.

Activity Feeds

Easily sift through workout sessions by people from various groups: people you Follow, your Gym, your Coaching Programs, the World, and your own (Me) results. Use the filters options to narrow down your search within each tab.

Location & Image Tagging

Experience each others’ performances in a completely new way. Put your stamp on each workout result by tagging a location and an image. Workout results are displayed in feeds using an updated format that highlights location and time, and a single image that captures the experience.


Never. Stop. Achieving. A fitness journey lasts a lifetime. Now you can earn badges every step of the way. The new Badges feature expands upon the old Movement Achievements feature in various ways. 

  • Timeline: Will show users the newest badge they’ve earned in reverse chronological feed.
  • Merits: New badges earned for performing popular workouts, lifts, gymnastics maxes and intervals.
    • Each badge has 4 different levels based on specific score thresholds: Prodigy, Elite, Phenom, Legend 
  • Volume: The old yearly Movement Achievements feature is now an all-time volume accumulation feature. Earn higher levels for each movement group by staying consistent year after year and hitting new rep & distance milestones.
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