Fitness Level…At Home!

Times have changed. We’ve had to trade in our world class fitness facilities for make-shift garage gyms, our barbells and bumper plates for dumbbells, and the best hour of our day for virtual fist bumps and scrolling through app feeds of friends’ posts. The experience has been interesting, to say the least, but one thing still holds true no matter where we are or what we have: we can always work on, and improve, fitness.

Fitness Level?

The btwb Fitness Level feature first made its debut in 2013. It was designed to analyze an individual’s fitness. Let’s keep this simple. It’s composed of 8 different categories. You must perform designated workouts in each category to accumulate data for each. All 8 category levels are averaged together to determine an overall Fitness Level.

At-Home Fitness Level Workouts

Now for the relevant info. Just because you and your members are working out from home doesn’t mean they can’t still analyze their fitness. In fact, now is a great opportunity to improve specific Fitness Level categories like Bodyweight (metcons), Speed (short distance running and rowing), and Endurance (long distance running and rowing). All require little to no equipment. There are also many Light (metcons) category workouts that can still be performed at home with access to equipment like pull-up bars, dumbbells, kettlebells, jump ropes, and C2 Rowers.

Below are a list of of at-home Fitness Level workouts your members may still be able to perform, especially if your affiliate has loaned out equipment. Consider throwing them into your rotation so that members can monitor their progress with at least 4 of the 8 Fitness Level categories. Who knows how long the quarantine will last. In my experience, 4-12 weeks (worst case scenario) is plenty of time to make considerable progress in any of these categories.

Run 100m TTRun 1mi TT
Run 200m TTRun 2mi TT
Run 400m TTRun 5km TT
Run 800m TTRun 10km TT
Row 100m TTRow 2km TT
Row 250m TTRow 5km TT
Row 500m TT
Row 1km TT


BaselineCrossFit Games Open 12.1
100 Burpees for TimeDeath by Pull-ups
Tabata This!Chelsea
1/2 CindyDeath by Burpees
30 Muscle-ups For TimeG.I. Jane
AMRAP 12 mins: Burpees & Double UndersFGB Style: Pull-ups, Push-ups, Sit-ups, Air Squats
3RFT: Row, Burpees, and Run5RFT: Double Unders and 200m Run
FT: Walking Lunges, Pull-ups, AbMat Sit-upsFT: Row, Double Unders, and Burpees
Ryan150 Burpees For Time
Brenton100 Pull-ups For Time
AMRAP 15: Rows & Pull-ups10RFT: Burpees & Knees-to-Elbows
MargueritaHope For Kenya
4RFT: Walking Lunges & Sit-ups10RFT: Burpees & Pull-ups


KarenGames Open 11.1/14.1
RandyGames Open 18.2
Games Open 17.5Helen
Games Open 20.1Jeremy
7RFT: Wall Balls & Pull-ups12-9-6-3: Power Snatch & Burpees
21-18-15-12-9-6-3: SDHP & Push Jerk5RFT: Push Press & Double Unders
15-12-9-6-3: Power Cleans & Burpees3RF: Run, KBS, HSPU
21-15-9: SDHP & Overhead Squats5RFT: Thrusters & Double Unders
100 Thrusters For Time3RFT: Run, Squat Snatch, HSPU
AMRAP 20 min: Power Snatch & Push-ups5RFT: Thrusters & Bar Facing Burpess

Remote Workouts Shouldn’t Mean Easy Workouts

Challenge your members to test themselves the same way they would in the gym. Every aspect of life is different right now. Prioritizing fitness, and getting after a tough workout, doesn’t have to be one of them.

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