#DontWeaken Challenge

Who said being quarantined indefinitely at home had to be a bad thing? Introducing the #DontWeaken Challenge. In partnership with Rogue Fitness, gyms, teams, and individuals will all have the opportunity to accumulate points for performing various movements at home over the coming weeks. The goal is simple:

  • Stay fit
  • Stay connected
  • Have some fun!

Read on for more details on how to participate.


The #DontWeaken Challenge is simple. Work out at home. Log your results to btwb. Accumulate points for various movements performed. Earn points for yourself, your team, and/or your gym. The movements and points system are as follows:

Double Under1 rep is 1 point
Squat1 rep is 2 points
Sit-up1 rep is 2 points
Lunge1 rep is 2 points
Push-up1 rep is 2 points
KB Swing1 rep is 3 points
Run10m is 1 point
Row10m is 2 points
Burpee1 rep is 4 points
Pull-up1 rep is 6 points

Every rep counts.


There are three ways to participate:

Individuals: To join as an individual, just add the hashtag #DontWeaken to your workout notes.

Teams: Get together a group of friends and choose a team hashtag. To earn points for your team, add both #DontWeaken and your team hashtag (e.g. #quarantinebros) to your workout notes to get credit.

Gyms: We’re also keeping track of what gyms are accumulating the most points. All gym members are automatically included in these numbers.


The challenge starts March 25th, 2020 and will be ongoing during the gym shutdowns.


Check out the Gym, Team, and Individual leaderboards at:


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