“Reps in Remaining Time” Workout Template

We recently released a new update to our workout templates! The feedback we get from our members helps us tailor and improve the app constantly. We’ll continue improving our available templates in more updates, but here’s a brand new one to try!

Reps in Remaining Time

You all have been asking for it, so here you go. This template is for multi-movement workouts where you have some type of “buy-in” followed by a movement that’s completed for “max reps” in the remaining time.

Example 1
In 10 mins:
Run, 1 mile
100 Double Unders
max reps in remaining time Squat Cleans, 185/135 lbs

Example 2
4 rounds, 2 minutes each, for max reps of:

18/15 Row Calories
max reps in remaining time Wall Balls, 20/14 lbs
Rest 2 mins

Example 3
In 8 mins:
Run, 1 mile
max reps in remaining time Deadlift, 315/225 lbs
In 10 mins:
Run, 1 mile
max reps in remaining time Power Cleans, 225/155lbs
In 12 mins:
Run, 1 mile
max reps in remaining time Overhead Squats, 135/95 lbs

How To Use

Head to the new “Reps in Remaining Time” template.

Here, you can set your time limit and specify whether your workout is just a single time through or multiple rounds. Once that’s set, hit the “Add New Movement” button to begin building.

Once you’ve added your movements, whichever movement is going to be your max reps component needs to have the “reps” option toggled on and set to “max reps”.

Once your “max reps” movement is set, you’ll be able to enter in your reps accomplished for each round. We’ll do all the totaling for you to give you your final score.

Coaches & Gyms

This new template is also available for coaches and gyms to plan for their athletes. You’ll find the new options when building workouts on the Plan page.

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