btwb is now CrossFit btwb

Our mission, from day one, has been to make amazing technology for a community we respect, admire and love. In May, we entered into an exclusive agreement with CrossFit Inc. to help CrossFit athletes and Affiliates maximize their results. This opportunity will not only help us on this mission, but allow us to play a larger part in CrossFit’s mission to improve health and fitness worldwide.

We started btwb out of our garage affiliate over a decade ago. Today we are home to the largest and most comprehensive database of workout, exercise and human performance data. This data powers our proprietary features like Fitness Level and Imbalances, but isn’t the core of who we are. It’s people like you.

This entire journey has been possible because of amazing people like you. We could not have done this without your support. Our team at btwb is a lot like you. We go to the gym a lot, work on our weaknesses and try to eat clean.  To us, we look at our work on btwb as something we’re building for our friends. We get excited every time someone sends a cool email or comments on a new feature. That relationship will never change. It means the world to us. We promise to continue putting out amazing features because you deserve it.

Thanks for all your support, let’s continue chasing new PRs. Together.

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