#BTWBChallenge Week 1 Winners


The first of many challenges has already come and gone and you guys didn’t hesitate to put up some crazy scores! Even Chris Spealler, representing his awesome self and his ICON Athlete community, got in on the action.

So the challenge was max Double Unders in 3 minutes, and we’re pretty impressed by the scores that were thrown up from people of all ages, levels, and abilities. Due to some tied scores on both the Male and Female leaderboards, we decided to add an extra winning slot. So now the Top 4 Men and Women’s scores, a random drawing from us, and a random drawing from Julie Foucher all win a prize this week.

Top Men

Top Women

1. Mitchell Byrt
CrossFit Leduc
400 reps
1. Jennifer Bicksler
315 reps
2. Juan Carlos Jopia Santos
Frecuencia CrossFit
367 reps
2. Christi Schwoob
CrossFit San Jose
309 reps
3. Tom Schabetsberger
CrossFit Westmount
367 reps
3. Lauren McGrath
Bionic CrossFit
274 reps
4. George Sterner
360 reps
4. Trisha Cherveny
Vehicle City CrossFit
274 reps
5. Ryan Peterson
357 reps
5. Olivia Landino
CrossFit Swerve
267 reps
6. Dwayne Dimm
CrossFit BR
346 reps
6. Amanda Dennis
CrossFit Ferocity
266 reps
7. Jeronimo Garcia
341 reps
7. Daniela Sevilla
Black Pardus
260 reps
8. Hunter Lydon
Solace New York
340 reps
8. Annette Wagner
Reebok CrossFit Nürnberg
260 reps
9. Brandon Reyes
339 reps
9. Lotte Anfinsen Haaland
CrossFit Haugesund
258 reps
10. Payam Saljoughian
Diablo CrossFit
335 reps
10. Valerie Haas
CrossFit GK
256 reps

We’re not gonna lie. Mitchell’s 400 reps was very impressive to watch. The pace he set from the beginning was ridiculous and went on to go unbroken for all 3 minutes at said pace.

Raffle Winners

Adam Lewitsky of CrossFit New England was picked for our random raffle winner to receive 4 rogue shirts and our ABC’s of Fitness shirt as well!

Heather Murphy of CrossFit 212 was randomly selected by Julie Foucher to receive her signature Rx Smart Gear rope 🙂

Congrats everyone!

Besides the top placing scores, here’s what the all-time breakdown looks like.


We’re stoked, excited, and thankful for all the people who participated in the first #BTWBChallenge. There will be many more to come, and then next one will be next Wednesday! So keep your eyes open for what lies ahead!

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