App Update: Multiple Movement Build & Log


We’ve just pushed a minor update to our mobile app. The current versions on Android (3.1) and iOS (4.1) have added a few new features for the app as well as the first part of our update to the new Build & Log page.

Updated Look

If you head to the Log page and choose the Multiple Movement option, you’ll see an updated UI for the list of workout templates and when you’re building the actual workout.



This design now matches the look of our last update that we changed when logging results to already created workouts. It’s easier to see what’s important with building your workout and logging your scores.

AMRAP with Max Rep

Our last update allowed you to be able to log results for workouts like Nicole that were already made. Now you can build and log custom workouts in this same style.


To build an AMRAP with a Max Rep component, select this option and build your workout as you normally would. When you add the movement that will be the “max rep” option, select the Reps button and change the “Reps” to “Max Reps” in the drop-down menu. You will be able to put the number of rounds you completed for the AMRAP and the amount of reps you did each round for your max rep component.



We’ve also pushed some fixes to minor issues with crashing while logging certain styles, so head on over to your app stores and grab the update! Let us know what you think.

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