App Updates: Edit, Activity & Logging


Have you updated your apps? We’ve just recently pushed an update to both the iOS (v4.0) and Android (v3.0.5) versions of our app. Make sure to check your App and Play Stores to grab it!

We’ll be keeping you guys in the know about our app and the changes we make more often. Expect updates like this around once every two weeks.

Here’s whats new.

Edit Button

Everybody makes mistakes and we did too, when we didn’t let you correct yours. We’ve now added the ability to Edit results that you have submitted directly from the app. No more hassle of navigating to the full site or deleting your post and making a new one.

Results Page

After you post a result, you’ll now be taken directly to your result page where you can view your stats and see how you’ve performed for that workout. See where you rank at your gym and what workout level you earned. Get that Dragon status.


Activity Tab

The Activity tab has replaced the Gym tab. Now you’ll be able to scroll through the Activity feed of your gym and any other tracks you follow. The original Gym page can still be accessed via the More menu.


Logging Results

We’re revamped the look and feel of what you see when logging a result. Things are now displayed in an easier more functional way so you can see what’s important. Tap a movement to scale it, swipe a movement to the left to copy or delete it, and make sure to mark your score As Prescribed (Rx’d) or Modified


(Note: This update only effects when logging a result to a WOD already created. The custom Build & Log update is coming next.)

AMRAP with Max Rep

We’ve had this workout template available on the full site, but now you can log your result to an existing workout in this style from your app! Take that, Nicole.


Profile Page

We’ve updated the your profile page to look awesome. Within your profile page you can see your own activty, manage the Tracks you are following, and access your Fitness Level page.


Fitness Level

Your Fitness Level page is now re-designed and re-organized, showing you what you care about right up front. Next to your profile picture will be your Fitness Level animal status. Next gives you a breakdown of your 8 categories and your levels for each. We’ve even calculated how long we think it will take you to reach Regional and Games athlete levels based off your current level and age. Check out this post we did for more on age and improvement with CrossFit.

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