CrossFit Lift-Off: Breakdown


The 2015 CrossFit Liftoff competition powered by Rogue is happening this weekend. It is CrossFit’s first online Weightlifting competition. Registered participants will max out their Snatch and their Clean & Jerk, as well as participate in a classic MetCon WOD. Winners will include heaviest Snatch, heaviest Clean & Jerk, heaviest Weightlifting total, and best overall total (snatch poundage + clean and jerk poundage + workout reps). It’ll also be the first time CrossFit incorporates weight classes into a competition.

Here’s what our users have shown us to expect on each of the lifts.



  • 99th Percentile: Men – 275 lbs, Women – 170 lbs
  • 90th Percentile: Men – 209 lbs, Women – 139 lbs
  • 75th Percentile: Men – 180 lbs, Women – 105 lbs
  • 50th Percentile: Men – 155 lbs, Women – 88 lbs

The weight classes are going to make things drastically different, but one thing is for sure: if you want to win one of the lifting prizes, the 99th percentile numbers will need to be reached. Expect to see 300+ lbs Snatches for the men in the heavier weight classes. Winning numbers for the women will be somewhere between the 190-220 lbs range.

Clean & Jerk


  • 99th Percentile: Men – 325 lbs, Women – 200 lbs
  • 90th Percentile: Men – 265 lbs, Women – 165 lbs
  • 75th Percentile: Men – 240 lbs, Women – 145 lbs
  • 50th Percentile: Men – 209 lbs, Women – 125 lbs

Expect to see 350-400 lbs C&Js for the men in the heavier weight classes. Winning numbers for the women will be somewhere between the 230-270 lbs range. Remember, too, Olympic Lifting specialists will be taking part in the Liftoff. That means the ranges just mentioned, which are predominantly from CrossFit athletes, will be pushed to the limits, if not exceeded entirely. For reference, CrossFit Games Champ, Ben Smith, Snatches 300 lbs and C&J 365.



As of right now on BTWB top athletes are getting 5+ rounds, some even 6. The mean and median are around 3 rounds. We expect these numbers to change but not too much. Don’t be surprised if elite athletes get 6+.

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