Introducing Coaching


BTWB is excited to officially announce the launch of a brand new feature called “Coaching”. The feature will allow individual users to receive programming from the CrossFit community’s most experienced, and well known, individuals. Their expertise, combined with our analysis & logging features, will help take users’ training to the next level.

The various programs can be found at, or by clicking on the “Coaching” link located in the header of the site.

How It Works

For any user, subscribing to a coaching program will create a new program track. Workouts will be automatically planned to that track on a user’s Whiteboard calendar on a daily, or weekly, basis (depends on the program). The user will perform the WOD, then click on the specific workout from their Whiteboard calendar to log a result for it. It’s that simple.

A user does not have to belong to a specific gym in order to subscribe to a coaching program. Users can remain in their current gyms. Coaching program workouts will be auto-planned to their Whiteboard calendars in addition to any workouts already planned for them by their gyms.

Not only will users get to harness the analytical power of BTWB while progressing through a program, they will also have access to program-specific leaderboards for each workout. The leaderboards will allow users the ability to compare themselves to others also participating in the program. In many cases, depending on the program, this means being on the same leaderboard as top-notch Games athletes.

The Programs

Below is a list of our current Coaching programs.


A program 7 years in the making. Train like 2015 CrossFit Games champion Ben Smith. The Krypton program is personally performed, dissected, analyzed, and perfected by Ben a week before being released to the community. All motivated individuals are encouraged to participate. The program consists entirely of classic CrossFit methodology. It can be used as the entirety of a program, or a base on which to add in extra work.

ICON Athlete

A program by Chris Spealler, a 7x CrossFit Games legend. ICON Athlete is specifically designed for individuals aspiring to compete in CrossFit. All areas of fitness, regardless of current strengths & weaknesses, will be developed and increased. Chris is committed to helping you find your limits, so that you may ultimately break through them! ICON Athlete offers both individual programming and gym programming options.

The Bailey Program

Dan Bailey has finished top 10 at the last 5 CrossFit Games, placing 4th in 2015. Follow along with Dan’s own personal programming as he prepares for his 6th trip to the CrossFit Games. Do exactly what Dan does with his Competitor program, or simply get a taste of it with his basic GPP program.


Doug Chapman has worked with countless CrossFit Games athletes including Julie Foucher, Brooke Wells, Chyna Cho, Merrill Mulllis, Neal Maddox, Jon Pera, Nick Urankar, and many more. His resume reads like a who’s who of CrossFit Games celebrities. His program takes you through 6 different phases: Phase I: Fundamentals, Phase II: Applied Fundamentals, Phase III: Open Prep and Open (5-6 Weeks), Phase IV: Regionals Prep, Phase V: Peak Prep, Phase VI: Taper and Games.

TRAIN w/ Julie Foucher

Julie is a four-time CrossFit Games athlete, CrossFit Level 1 staff member, and medical student at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University. She’s consistently placed in the top 5 at the CrossFit Games including two podium finishes in 2012 (2nd place) and 2014 (3rd place). An Achilles tendon rupture ended her final competitive season at the 2015 Central Regional. She has now turned her focus to completing her medical training and to using her knowledge of both CrossFit and medicine to empower individuals to access their full potential…all in one hour! The tasks will be scheduled to fit a strict 60-minute timeline. Because getting in the best shape of your life shouldn’t mean hours at the gym.


Diablo CrossFit and the CrossFit Games go together like peanut butter & jelly. Diablo athletes have qualified and participated in every CrossFit Games competition since 2008. The focus of the program is a “prepared” athlete. Diablo athletes follow a comprehensive plan designed to yield peak performance for the CrossFit Open, followed by the Regionals and eventually, the Games. Skill, Strength, Power, Work capacity, Mobility, Recovery, Nutrition and Sleep are all primary focuses. Diablo offers both individual programming and gym programming options.


Unscared is sport specific training geared towards athletes looking to improve their “long game” by helping them build the specific tissues and body required specifically for running. It’s creators are CrossFit Endurance founder, Brian Mackenzie, and 2x Olympic gold medalist in rowing, Erin Cafaro Mackenzie. It is for CrossFit athletes and Swim, Bike, Run, Row, Paddle athletes alike. It is designed to be followed with an existing program that incorporates 3-4 runs per week (like the Run Calibrator) or other Unscared running programs. The runs should happen on the days the strength program does not. Despite popular belief, power and speed are critical components to success in the endurance world. With this Running Strength Development Program you will increase your ability to get stronger at going faster- longer while also decreasing recovery time, reducing injuries, and promoting the preservation of lean tissue and creating a more sustainable performance curve.


The brainchild of CrossFit New England’s Ben Bergeron. Ben’s been in the coaching game for 15+ years. In addition to establishing one of the most successful CrossFit boxes in the world, he’s also had the opportunity to coach countless top-notch athletes to CrossFit Games appearances and glory, including 2015 Games champ Katrin Davidsdottir. CompTrain is intended for those hoping to do well in the Open, or qualify for CrossFit Regionals and The Games. Become a three-headed monster (Strength, Skills, and Conditioning) with CompTrain! CompTrain offers both individual programming and gym programming options.

Gym Programs

In addition to offering programming for the Individual, the Coaching feature will also include Gym programming. Many gym owners/managers do not have the time to program for their clients daily/weekly. That’s where Coaching comes in. Selecting a Gym coaching program will auto-plan workouts to each of a gym’s users, allowing an owner/manager time to focus on other aspects of the business.

*Currently ICON Athlete, Diablo, and CompTrain are the only three programs with Gym programming options.


Prices have been set by the program coaches themselves. We’ve collaborated with them in an effort to make programs as affordable as possible. Prices are also in addition to the monthly (or yearly) BTWB subscription rate.

Coaching: The Future

Ultimately, each gym on our site will be able to offer their programming to individual users and gyms alike. Gyms will be able to charge whatever they deem appropriate for their program. The idea is to provide gyms an additional revenue stream, while also offering individuals access to the training methods of their choice. With the expansion of Coaching, following a desired program will be easier than ever before.

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