WODscreen 2.0: No Computer Needed

Photo Courtesy of Diablo CrossFit

Last year we introduced WODscreen, an easy way to wirelessly display your WOD Leaderboard on any TV. We’re happy to announce that we have now fully integrated it with Google Chromecast ($35) and both our iPhone and Android apps. This will give our users the ability to launch WODscreen from a smartphone and have it run all day, without the need for a computer! Also, we designed WODscreen to cost you as little as possible. The feature is included in each of our plans. Below is a quick demo on how to use WODscreen 2.0 at your Gym:

Feature List
  • Launch directly from your iPhone/Android phone to TV with Chromecast
  • Shows the Gym Logo, Track Name, and Today’s date
  • Shows the WOD Name and Description
  • Shows Male and Female Leaderboard
  • Bottom shows a ticker of Recent Workout Posts.
  • Shows WOD Stats including Total Posts, Rx’d count, and PR count
  • If there are multiple WODs assigned, it will alternate between WODs
  • Select which tracks to show and which sections to show.
  • Launch once and it will keep itself automatically updated.
Use It


You can access WODscreen through the Beyond The Whiteboard App on your iPhone or Android Phone.

  1. Install Google Chromecast on your TV
  2. Launch the BTWB App (make sure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi).
  3. Open the “More” menu (bottom right of app for iPhone, top right for Android).
  4. Click the “Wodscreen” link located in the Admin section of the Menu.
  5. Select the Tracks and Sections you want to Display on the TV, then click “Update Settings”.
  6. Click the “Cast” Button on the top right of the app. (If there is no “Cast” Button, check to make sure your phone is on the same Wi-Fi network as the Chromecast.)
  7. Confirm the Chromecast you’d like to connect to.
  8. Enjoy!
WODscreen 2.0 + $35 Chromecast


WODscreen 2.0 is designed to be used with the $35 Google Chromecast. It’s an inexpensive, wireless way to connect to your TV, without having to hook up a computer.  There is no need to spend money on a new computer only to have to worry about hiding the wires.  Simply plug in the Chromecast and control it from any smartphone on your network.

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