Fitness Level Updates Coming Soon

In the upcoming weeks we will be releasing the biggest updates to our Fitness Level feature since its original release. The updates will address some backend issues, as well as implement major usability improvements.

What Is Fitness Level?

Fitness Level is a gauge of your overall Fitness and Progress. It is a single number that captures how your performance stacks up to the rest of the BTWB community.

The Issues You’ve Been Having



As you already may know, the past few weeks we’ve been having problems with the weekly Fitness Level calculations. There have been server issues that have caused some of the Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting Levels to show up incorrectly as “N/A”. On completely different occasions, the same has happened for the other FL categories.  This has resulted in incorrect overall Fitness Levels being displayed. Not cool. This issue is only affecting a small percentage of Fitness Levels, which means you may not be experiencing any issues at all.  Most of the incorrect Fitness Levels have already been fixed, although there are still a few outstanding. Still, not cool. We appreciate your patience as we get every issue corrected and we’re sorry for the hassle and headaches we’ve caused. We can only imagine the agony of feeling your heart drop as you see your Fitness Level wrongly plummet from week to week.  After all, you work your butts off in the gym day in and day out; you deserve a feature that will accurately, and consistently, depict those efforts.

We are working hard to get this problem permanently fixed and get every incorrect Fitness Level updated. Rest assured, all of your data is safe and no data is lost.

Fitness Level 2.0

In spite of this month’s frustrations, we are finalizing a huge update to our Fitness Level feature, “Fitness Level 2.0”.  The new and improved feature will be updated in real time.  That is, you’ll see the effects on your overall Fitness Level, and the appropriate category, immediately upon logging results for eligible workouts!  You will no longer have to wait a week to find out how your hard work has paid off. Stay tuned for a more complete announcement regarding Fitness Level 2.0.  And, as always, thank you for being so awesome!

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