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We are excited to give you some new walkthrough videos detailing our integration options for your WordPress Blog. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and works great for CrossFit Affiliate websites. We have created a plugin that lets gym admins easily display WODs, Gym Activity and Workout Leaderboards on their WordPress-powered website. These sections can be inserted into any Page or Blog Post on your site. Below you can find instructions on each of the following, to get you up and running quickly:

Installing the Plug-in


Installing the Plug-in is easy.

  1. Log in to BTWB and go to “WordPress Integration” in your Gym Menu
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Download the plugin: Beyond the Whiteboard Plugin
  4. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard (e.g. “”)
  5. Click “Plugins” > “Add New”
  6. Click “Upload” and choose the “” file you just downloaded.
  7. Click “Install Now”, then click “Activate” to activate the plugin.
  8. Click on WordPress “Settings” and select “BTWB Options”
  9. Set your Public Access Key (found on BTWB at the bottom of the “WordPress Integration” Page)
  10. Specify your default settings.
Customizing the Plugin

You may want to customize the colors or the layout of the plugin. This is a more advanced task, and may require some HTML/CSS knowledge. There is a CSS file included in the plugin that you can edit to change colors and font sizes. There are also template files included to change the layouts of the different shortcodes. Check out the video for more information on how to customize the plugin. First we cover CSS changes, then we cover layout changes. Here is a link to more information on the Mustache Language used in the templates.

Adding your WOD to a Daily Blog post

Many CrossFit Affiliates post their WOD daily on their website, often including an interesting photo and some additional text. This is similar to what has been doing since 2001. Now you can quickly insert your WOD from BTWB with a single click, and you can save yourself from having to copy and paste it over by hand. Just click on the stopwatch icon in your WordPress Editor and it will add the WOD for tomorrow’s date into your blog post. You can change the date if you are creating the post farther in advance. Based on your default settings, a Leaderboard and Recent Activity for the WOD will be displayed below the workout description.

Create a Page for your Daily WOD

If you don’t already post a daily blog on your site, you might want to have a dedicated page to display the current day’s WOD(s). This is very easy to do. Just create a new page in WordPress and add the code:

to the page. This will create a page that will always show the current day’s WOD(s) with leaderboard and recent activity.

Creating a Workout Leaderboard Page

If you want to create a page with an all-time Leaderboard for a specific workout, you can easily do that with the

shortcode. For example, if you want a “Fran” Leaderboard, you need to find the Workout ID for Fran. Just browse to the “Fran” page on BTWB or type “Fran” into the autocomplete search at the top of the Beyond the Whiteboard. In the URL of the workout page you will see the ID, e.g. “/workouts/1” for Fran. Create a new page in WordPress and then click on the “Medallion” button in your Blog Editor toolbar. It will ask for the Workout ID, then press ok. You can specify a custom length for the Leaderboard if you want, e.g.

Creating a Gym Activity Page

If you want to create a page with a list of all the Recent workout posts at your gym, you can do that with the

shortcode. Just create a new page in WordPress and click on the “Group of People” button in your Blog Editor toolbar. That will create a page with a list of all the recent workout posts from your members. You can override your default settings if you want, e.g.

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