Run Calibrator Feedback

We have been getting a lot of positive feedback for Run Calibrator. We are already working on cool updates, but wanted to share a story from one of our recent users, Carl.

Just wanted to give you a quick update on my run calibrator progress. Last Saturday, I successfully completed my very first ultra marathon! (It was “Ultrabirken” In Norway). After just under three months doing the run calibrator, I finally did something that has been a dream for several years now. So a big thanks to you guys over at BtWb and of course Brian and the CFE team!

Now looking forward to running more ultras and perhaps getting into triathlons as well 🙂

Anyway, thanks again 🙂 Loving the run calibrator.

What Is Run Calibrator

The idea is simple. You sign up to run either two or three times a week. When you sign up, a new track of programming called “Run Calibrator” will appear on your whiteboard. Each Sunday your run scores are evaluated and new ones will be added to your calendar and emailed to you. The runs you are assigned each week will depend on your performance the previous week. This means each athlete will receive their own individualized program.

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