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I’m Brian MacKenzie, founder of CrossFit Endurance. Let’s discuss positioning and stability. Positioning is a by-product of stability. Whether we are dealing with motor-control issues or just general weakness in a specific group of muscles (this is also created by poor movement patterns, ie. hip flexors picking up slack for weak, or under-used, hamstrings), being in a poor position creates a lack of stability. We like to believe we are working animals, but, in reality, that’s only part of the equation. Work is the by-product of efficiency. As an example, when you run a 5k, your goal should not be to run that 5k harder next time, but, rather, for it to feel easier the second time, thus allowing you to go faster.

The idea that our muscles are here to work for us is the great illusion of modern kinesiology. In running, we want to think we propel ourselves forward by pushing/extending, versus understanding that extension is simply a by-product of falling. Your foot lands only to stop you from falling forward; this is when we must become “stable”. That stable position needs to absorb your body weight with just enough tension (not too much, not too little) to allow for you to rebound (think jumping rope here), and to return to a position of stability again (opposite foot). If you can not maintain the stability needed for a good position, over time you will break down.  If you choose to continue with poor stability and, as a result, positions, you will only learn to reinforce bad/inefficient habits.

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