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New 2 Minute Challenge – Shake Weight


It’s time CrossFitters took advantage of Dynamic Inertia. Although the prescribed workout from the official site is six minutes, we opted for 2 minutes to avoid injuries(rhabdo etc). The Shake Weight helps you perform 240 muscle contraction repetitions per minute (4 per second). The workout will be judged for total reps, with a maximum of 480 reps.


-In the squat position hold the shake weight at chest level.
-The shake weight must be shaking.
-Video(s) must be included. We understand if some of you want to take video from different angles.

Post Total Reps (4 per second)

Video Guide

Make sure you angle the shake weight correctly to get the most benefit from the dynamic inertia movement. Just imagine you are aiming a giant hose (or any other metaphor that suits you) in front of your face. We are looking for FULL RANGE OF MOTION here. Below are some pictures to help.





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  1. Jess

    Awesome you guys! I was wondering when you would hop on this bandwagon and include it in the CrossFit world!

  2. moe

    Thanks Jess. Sorry it took us so long. I attempt the challenge earlier today but threw up after 30 seconds.

  3. Perry

    Are you guys serious, this thing will never make it into the real Crossfit world. You can’t help but laugh when shaking this stupid gimmick!!

  4. Magnus

    This stuff is so funny! The first time I saw this commercial I started sending it around to all my friends. There´s a sad downside to it all though, people actually buy stuff like this and think they are working out.

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