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CrossFit Open Workout 1 – 100 Results Analysis


We just passed the 100 results mark for the first CrossFit Open workout, and thought we would share some quick analysis. The bulk of results, around 26%, are between 4-4.9 rounds. Bobby Noyce, a solid beyond the whiteboard user and athlete at CrossFit 515, has the the top result with 8.5333 rounds (all the double unders and one power snatch in the last round). Bobby averaged a little over a minute for each round. I anticipate the top scores being very close, where a few reps will separate many ranks. In short, it’s going to be a fun week!

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  1. Brian Y

    did a quick dry 5min dry run after a 25min workout this morning an notched 3.5 rounds. Feeling fresh, i would think 8 would be possibility.

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