Site Update: Browsing and Searching

Browsing Workouts

We rolled out some features that makes finding workouts simple. You can search by name or filter workouts.


1. A list of exercises(movements).
2. By post type; Total Time, Total Weight, Total Rounds, Total Reps, etc.
3. By Max Effort
4. Number of Rounds
5. Time (AMRAP)
6. Submitting Gym
7. Submitting Member
8. Quick links to Main Site and Crossfit Endurance WODs



Let’s be honest, our universal search hasn’t progressed as the rest of the site. Over the past few weeks we have added individual search functionality to the exercises, workouts and gyms pages. We are leaning towards introducing this system across the entire site, because the majority of the universal search results weren’t that helpful. We added a search on individual workout posts as well, so you should be able to find stuff quickly.



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