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We have a lot of workouts now, somewhere around 40,000. It’s getting tough to find workouts, and we are tackling that problem this week. The first step is to encourage users to search or browse for a workout before trying to create it. The second step is to let users filter workouts to quickly find the one they are looking for.


1. A list of exercises(movements).
2. By post type; Total Time, Total Weight, Total Rounds, Total Reps, etc.
3. By Max Effort
4. Number of Rounds
5. Time (AMRAP)
6. Submitting Gym
7. Submitting Member

There will also be quick search for a workout by name.

This is a screenshot of what we got so far. Let us know what you think. Thanks guys.


Thanks for all the feedback and support guys. Keep CrossFitting!

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