Approach to Admin Interface (Feedback Please)

This week we want to to a big upgrade to the administration section of beyond the whiteboard. Each gym generates data everyday and we want to build an easy to use interface to interact with the data. The difficulty lies in information overload. I hate interfaces that throw a bunch of information out on the screen and leave it up to the user to figure things out. These are some ideas we are working with.

Curb Information Overload

1. Use the month view to show user activity in a gym. Number of workouts posted, weigh ins, goals, etc. This way an admin can view what is happening at their gym without having to think too much.
2. Each item is clickable and will drill down to a detail view.


1. On the detail view the admin should be able to filter by various attributes. Name(Letter), Name(autocomplete), Gender, Age, New Member, Active Member, Non-Active.
2. In some cases extra filters will need to be used. For example, goals will need “achieved”, “active”, “expired/failed”.


We don’t want to give away too much in this blog because we really want to hear back from you guys first. Here is a quick screenshot of what we have going. Disclaimer, lots will change by the end of the week.



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