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Site Update: Goals

First, we want to thank everyone for the great feedback we got last week for the goals feature. After reading all the comments and emails we made some key decisions.

1. No limit on Goals for now. We’ll see how things go for a while. All goals will have an expiration date, for now. However, you can set this date to 1 year from now if you like to set long term goals.
2. A user should be able to go to one place and add multiple goals.
3. Admins should be able to add goals for their gym members.
4. Failed goals, for now, are only visible to the user and their gym admin.
5. The user interface has to be simple and not overwhelming. A user should be able to view their goals in separate section as well on their profile. After you accomplish a goal it will stay on your calendar, but will be crossed out. Also, when you hover over a goal on the calendar you can see quick details.

Hope everyone enjoys the feature.


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