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****There is a new version of this plugin available. Log in to the btwb website and go to the “WordPress Integration” Page under the gym admin menu.*****

Installation Instructions:

  1. Log in to BTWB and go to “WordPress Integration” in your Gym Menu
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Download the plugin: Beyond the Whiteboard Plugin
  4. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard (e.g. “”)
  5. Click “Plugins” > “Add New”
  6. Click “Upload” and choose the “” file you just downloaded.
  7. Click “Install Now”, then click “Activate” to activate the plugin.
  8. Click on WordPress “Settings” and select “BTWB Options”
  9. Set your Public Access Key (found on this BTWB WordPress Plugin Page)
  10. Specify your default settings.

Editor Buttons:

When you install the plugin, the following 3 buttons are added to your page/post editor:

[wod], [activity], [leaderboard]

[wod], [activity], [leaderboard]

You can easily insert any of the 3 shortcodes into your post by using these buttons.


These shortcodes can be inserted on any page or post in wordpress.  When the page loads, the code will be replaced with the appropriate WODs, Activity, or Leaderboard from Beyond the Whiteboard.  Below you can find all the possible configuration options.  If you don’t set a specific option in the shortcode, it will default to whatever you have specified in your default settings.


By default, [wod] will always display the current day, and update automatically each day. It is meant to be put on a “Today’s WOD” page that will always show the current day’s WODs. With no parameters specified, the page will display based on your default settings.

You can use the following parameters to override your default settings. Here is an example:

[wod date=”2014-3-15″ sections=”pre,main” tracks=”1,2″ activity_length=”6″ leaderboard_length=”3″ days=”7″]

Specifies the date
e.g. [wod date=”2014-3-15″] This would always show the workouts from March 15, 2014, regardless of what day it currently is. This allows you to insert your WOD into a daily blog post.

Select which sections to show the Workouts from
e.g. [wod sections=”pre,main”] This would show all the workouts from the “Pre” and “Main” sections only

Options: “pre,main,post,all”

Select which tracks to show the Workouts from
e.g. [wod tracks=”1,2″] This would show the workouts from the first two tracks at your Gym.

Options: “1,2,3,4”

Specify how many Recent Posts to display
e.g. [wod activity_length=”6″] This would show the 6 most recent posts for the given workout.

Options: Any number between “1” and “30”

Specify how many top results to show. We return that many results for males, and that many for females.
e.g. [wod leaderboard_length=”3″] This would show the top 3 male and top 3 female results for the given workout for that day.
Options: Any number between “1” and “20”

Specifies how many days worth of WODs to show. By default it is set to “1”, showing only a single day’s workouts. But it can be set up to “30” to show a whole month worth of WODs. One possible implementation is to set it to “7” with no date specified. If you placed this on a page, it would always show the WODs for the past 7 days.
e.g. [wod days=”7″]

Options: Any number between “1” and “20”


By default, [activity] will show the recent workouts posts from your gym.  The length of the list will be determined by your default settings.  This shortcode is designed to be placed on a page where you’d like to showcase all the recent activity at your gym.

You can use the following parameter to override your default settings.

Specify how many Recent Posts to display
e.g. [activity length=”20″] This would show the 20 most recent workout posts at your gym.

Options: Any number between “1” and “30”


The leaderboard shortcode must always have  a workout specified.  If you don’t set a specific length parameter, the leaderboard will use your default setting.

-workout_id (*required)
Specify the workout id of the desired workout. Use the universal search at the top of the site to quickly find any workout. Then locate the workout id by looking at the URL for the workout page. (e.g. for Fight Gone Bad)
e.g. [leaderboard workout_id=”1″] This would display the “Fran” leaderboard for your gym

Specify how many top places to display.
e.g. [leaderboard workout_id=”1″ length=”10″] This would show the top 10 Male and Female RX’d results for Fran at your gym.

Options: Any number between “1” and “20”


  1. Uwe
    November 30, 2017 / 12:23 pm

    Tried to use the plugin within wordpress 4.9.1 without success.
    Found in the readme.txt of the plugin that it is tested up to 4.6.1 only …

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