Better ways to treat chronic pain?

The First Pull #64- June 27th

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btwb athletes Justin & Ellie train in the Shred Shed
See what their first week of games training looks like

Pain fingerprint for personalized pain management?
Brain scans reveal unique gamma oscillation patterns, offering potential for personalized pain treatments.

Can dietary supplements help treat depression?
See which dietary supplements have the potential benefits of for alleviating symptoms of depression.

Does having tattoos affect how much you sweat?
Might this affect athlete performance?

btwb Community Highlights

btwb team member Toni tackles Stonewall in honor of pride month!

btwb team member Jake does a 6 round workout at Triforce Crossfit

btwb athlete Carolyne Prevost can do a lot of Freestanding Shoulder Taps!

📱 @cprevost27

Podcasts From The Community


VNR #116: Is CrossFit too expensive?
📺 Watch      Apple    🎧 Spotify
– A VNR listener wrote in saying they believed things making CrossFit prohibitive to people is the price of attending a gym & having to take “on-ramp” classes. Another VNR listener asked the question “Are CrossFitters athletes?” Pat & Adrian to give their thoughts & opinions on these topics.  Support the Varied Not Random Podcast


The Rich Froning Podcast 008: Dave Castro is Back
Rich discusses various topics, including Dave Castro, cold exposure, and the CrossFit Games community.

CrossFit Podcast:  Austin Malleolo — Finding Purpose Through CrossFit
Austin Malleolo, a CrossFit veteran, discusses his journey, purpose, and leadership in the fitness community.


Best Hour of Their Day: Dan Hollingsworth | CrossFit, Carnivore, and Choices
The episode features Dan Hollingsworth discussing CrossFit, choices, and the impact of proper coaching and movement.


Huberman Lab Podcast: Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg- How to Improve Your Eye Health 
Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg discusses eye health, vision loss, and measures for preserving eye health.

The Consistency Project- The one food to avoid
Sugar-sweetened beverages, the largest source of added sugar, should be avoided for better health outcomes.

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