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The First Pull #62- June 13th

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  • The Health Benefits of Finnish Sauna Bathing
    Regular Finnish sauna bathing is associated with numerous health benefits, including a reduction in systolic blood pressure and offsetting the adverse effects of risk factors such as systemic inflammation, low socioeconomic status, and high blood pressure, thereby potentially mitigating the risk of cardiovascular disease, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and mortality.

  • Taurine slows aging in mice. Will it ever work for people?
    A recent study conducted by an international group of scientists found that an ingredient commonly found in energy drinks and baby formula has demonstrated health improvements and extended lifespan in mice, worms, and middle-aged monkeys.

Podcasts From The Community



  • Coffee Pods & Wods Ep 300- Brent Fikowski
    Brent discusses various topics including his delayed arrival for a live chat, supportive individuals in his life, his friendship with Mary and her involvement in the Professor project, family attendance at his events, and his concerns about standardization and rule enforcement in CrossFit competitions.
  • CrossFit Podcast- CrossFit East Nashville PRVN
    CrossFit East Nashville PRVN is a team pursuing the Affiliate Cup in the CrossFit Games, discussing their motivations, expectations, and the significance of the competition.


  • Linchpin Conversations- Are high level CF athletes healthy?
    This episode discusses various topics including late-night sports practices, promoting an event, interest in organizing a Spartan Race, questioning the health of high-level CrossFit athletes, and emphasizing the importance of finding a balance between fitness and health in training.


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