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The First Pull #58-May 23rd

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Congrats to our athletes Jeffrey Adler & Dallin Pepper for qualifying for the CrossFit Games
Jeff and Dallin crushed it, landing in the first and third spots in the North America East Semifinal, and scoring their spots for the 2023 CrossFit Games!

Common behavior patterns of those who achieve clinically significant weight loss
This study found that individuals who intentionally lost 5% or more body weight showed higher diet quality, physical activity, and healthier blood lipids. It also highlighted differing weight loss strategies, with significant weight loss associated with exercise, while those who lost less weight, maintained, or gained weight reported skipping meals and using prescription diet pills.

New treatment study for people living with chronic pain
In a study involving four individuals with chronic neuropathic pain, researchers used implanted electrodes to record brain activity and applied machine learning techniques to predict pain severity based on these recordings. They found that sustained signal changes in the orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) could be used to predict the severity of ongoing chronic pain, presenting potential for new diagnostic and treatment approaches.

Podcasts From The Community


VNR #111: Burned out on CrossFit & injured – What should you do?
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– Hannah, a listener of the VNR podcast, asked if it is possible to get “burned out” on CrossFit & what you can do to move past that feeling. She has been doing CrossFit for 3 years, but now does not seem to be getting PRs or learning new skills. She is also recovering from a torn meniscus & just wants to find a way to start enjoying the gym again. Pat & Adrian give their thoughts on this topic. Support the Varied Not Random Podcast

Coffee Pods And Wods- Don Faul CrossFit CEO
Don Faul, the CEO of CrossFit, discusses his background, motivation, and goals for the company, including increasing engagement and creating a positive first impression for newcomers through media initiatives.


Talking Elite Fitness- Pat Vellner reviews the CrossFit Semifinal tests
Pat Vellner discusses the CrossFit Semifinal tests and expresses a mix of nervousness and excitement. He emphasizes the importance of the Semifinals, the pressure to perform well, and the need to minimize mistakes in the limited number of workouts.


Best Hour Of Their Day Podcast- Breaking Down the L2 manual
Jason Fernandez and guest Jen Hunter Marshall, discuss topics within CrossFit such as lesson planning, coaching, and programming. They emphasize the importance of tailoring workouts, knowing your athletes, and providing lesson plans for coaches while also briefly mentioning music and Broadway musicals.


Linchpin Conversations- When does fitness decline?
Pat engages in an “ask me anything” session, covering various topics including specific workouts, the significance of the community’s role in the success of “Linchpin,” and the importance of pain-free workouts and incorporating rest and different intensity levels into training. He emphasizes the value of dropping the bar during heavy barbell movements and recommend balancing low and moderate intensity days with high-intensity workouts to prevent burnout.


Huberman Lab Podcast: The Science of Psychedelics for Mental Health
Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, a renowned professor of Neurology and Psychiatry, discusses the science of psychedelics and their potential for mental health treatment in a podcast episode. He emphasizes the significance of classic psychedelics and ongoing studies exploring their therapeutic effects on conditions such as depression, trauma, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, and more.


Pursuing Health- The science of spirituality + mental health
Spiritual fitness is important for overall well-being, and it can be developed through practices like meditation, prayer, and service. Research suggests that spirituality positively impacts mental health by reducing the risk of depression and fostering resilience.

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