Now compatible with single movement weightlifting sets!

What is Tempus?

Tempus is currently in its beta phase and is accessible at no cost for all btwb users. Previously, you would use the btwb technology before and after your workout, but now it’s available for use during your workout too. Simply press the timer icon within the app, next to your workout, to give it a go (ensure you’ve opted in for the Tempus beta). The timer will be preconfigured for the workout you’ve chosen. After finishing a movement, all you need to do is tap on your phone or watch. This action will progress you in your workout, and we’ll document your movement and round splits, as well as your heart rate (for Apple watch users). To amp up the fun, you can even participate in the workout live with anyone across the globe.

Tempus now optimized for single movement weightlifting sets

You can now utilize Tempus with single movement weightlifting sets to optimize your workout experience. Some of the key features include:


  • Rest assured, we’ve got your back. The moment you complete a set, we begin tracking your rest time.
  • If you’re required to take a two minute rest between sets, Tempus will automatically commence a two-minute countdown. If not, it will count upwards, allowing you to monitor the duration of your rest period.

User-friendly keypad during rest periods

  • A keypad conveniently pops out from the right of your screen during rest periods for you to record your weight. Manually type in your load, or use the quick-add options to mimic loading a barbell

Comprehensive Workout Session Analysis

  • Detailed breakdown of warm-up, rest durations, and total load lifted

Quick Start Matches

  • Rather than scheduling a match from your home screen calendar, you can now directly start a match from someone else’s workout session. Simply tap on the three dots on the right side of the Workout Session Screen, Tap Tempus, and you will be directed to the Tempus Home Screen to quickly start a match.
  • Easily invite friends from around the world using a match code. Additionally, you can choose to add ghosts from other individuals who have previously recorded their results on the workout.
  • Monitor a real-time leaderboard while progressing through the workout alongside your friends. Each advancement by someone will cause the leaderboard to update, displaying the latest statistics for you.


  • Tap on the side menu- Click on Add-ons
  • Toggle to turn Tempus Beta on
  • Start a match instantly, or invite a friend and race live!

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