Gym Owners: You Spoke & We Listened

We started btwb out of our garage affiliate over a decade ago. There were less than 300 affiliates at that time and our family and friends thought we were crazy. However, we realized that in an industry full of snake oil salesman and quick fads, CrossFit simply worked. Supporting the data side of “measurable, observable, repeatable” evidence-based fitness became and has remained our primary mission. This is what we know sets CrossFit apart in the fitness space. Over the last decade we’ve recorded hundreds of millions of results for the community.

Over the years we have fielded many requests by Affiliates to offer a member management solution, but we’ve resisted. We have always seen the charging of members as a necessary evil, and we were much more interested in focusing on user results and progress. For a few years we had a strategy of developing integrations with other member management systems, in lieu of building our own native solution. Unfortunately, through this process we learned that these integrations couldn’t deliver the type of user experience that gyms rightfully expected. Furthermore, many of the current platforms have deep-seated technical and reliability issues and we were continuing to hear the ever-present frustrations of fellow affiliate owners.

The tipping point for us came during the pandemic. We saw the rise of at-home fitness technologies as well as technology driven “pseudo-CrossFit” franchises. We decided to take on the responsibility to make better tech for this community. We wanted to build a tech-supported Affiliate class experience (see WODscreen Class w/ Tempus), along with an end-to-end member management and tracking solution.

For the past several years, dozens of top coaching programs (Linchpin, PRVN, etc) have entrusted us with running their billing and member management. We have reliably processed millions of dollars in recurring payments for tens of thousands of athletes. As we transition to billing for brick and mortar gyms we are leveraging this experience to deliver a bulletproof platform that just works. We wanted to do it right so we spent over a year in the research phase before starting development. We interviewed dozens of Affiliates, surveyed hundreds more, and did an exhaustive review of the most used member management providers in the space.

Later this year we plan to launch our member management suite and we think gym owners will love it. If you would like to join the waitlist click here.

We have a few principles that we think are important.

  1. Keep It Simple. Our aim is to enable you to bill your members, facilitate class reservations, and track their progress in the simplest and most efficient manner.
  2. Be Reliable. Our uptime for btwb is above 99% and we promise to hold that standard.
  3. Always Be Updating. We have a rule that we continually improve our software. Thousands of btwb users have seen this first hand over the last decade. Just like fitness, we are committed to consistency and continual improvement.
  4. Put Fitness First. Although we’re offering member management, we believe gyms live and die by the results of their members.

We plan to pour our commitment, admiration and appreciation of the community into this and we promise we won’t let you down.

Thanks for being awesome,

btwb team

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