The 2021 Open Club Badge

For many of us the Open isn’t about our final rank. It’s more about connecting with the community by committing to a challenge and grinding through each of the workouts together. Clubs represent that shared experience. Clubs are also a way to recognize achievements that aren’t always captured by a specific rank or score. For example, by completing each of the workouts in a Club Rx’d, you achieve the Elite level for that club. Each of the Club levels celebrate an important achievement in an individual’s Fitness Journey.

  • Prodigy = completed all workouts
  • Elite = all workouts Rx’d
  • Phenom = exceptional performances in all workouts
  • Legend = top performances in all workouts

What Is A Club?

A club is a collection of workouts. When you do all the workouts in the collection, you become a member of the club.

Joining The 2021 Club

Perform workouts 21.1, 21.2, and 21.3 (plus any surprise workouts that may pop up this year), then log your scores to the btwb app. Doing so will earn you Merit badges for each of the workouts, and gain you entry to the 2021 Open Club.

Club Levels

Like Merit badges, Club badges also come in four different levels: Prodigy, Elite, Phenom, and Legend. To earn a specific 2021 Open Club level badge, btwb users must earn matching Merit badges of the same level for each of the workouts in the Club. As an example, in order to earn the 2021 Open Club Elite badge, btwb users must earn at least an Elite level Merit badge for 21.1, 21.2, and 21.3.

CrossFit Open 2020 – An Example

Each 2020 Open workout will have its own Merit badges. Each Merit badge will come in 4 different levels (Prodigy, Elite, Phenom, Legend).

Earning at least the Elite level Merit badge for each of the 2020 Open workouts will earn a btwb user membership to the 2020 Elite Open Club.

The 2020 Elite Open Club.

Previous Opens

We’ve released all the Open Clubs for 2011 – 2020. You can find a new “Clubs” tab on the main Badges screen in the app. The Clubs tab will showcase any previous CrossFit Open Clubs earned over the years. Each year has its own unique colors and style. Click into a Club to reveal the Merits contributing to that specific club. Greyed out Clubs are ones yet to be earned.


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