Give Member Shoutouts With The PR Board

We designed the Admin Console with the gym owner/admin/coach in mind. As amazing as those individuals tend to be, they still aren’t Marvel superheroes. Ask any one involved with the inner workings of a CrossFit gym; it’s nearly impossible to stay on top of what’s going on with EVERY member in EVERY class EVERY day. That’s where btwb’s Admin Console comes into play. Stay informed on the things that matter most to you: Personal Records, Committed Club, Missing In Action, Engagement.

The PR Board

Progress is the name of the game. Regularly repeat benchmark workouts, lifts, and run/row intervals to give your members the opportunity to see if they are getting better. If any one DOES improve, the PR Board will let you know.

Dashboard Summary

The dashboard provides a summary view of the 6 most recently set PRs. The member Name and Workout Title are displayed.

More Details

Click “More” to view the full PR Board. View ALL PRs set this month, as well as any set in previous months. The table will show the date the PR was set, the workout it came from, the actual score, and the score change from the previous attempt.

The PR Board and Touchpoints

Touchpoints are critical to member retention. The more often a member feels important, the less likely they are to cancel their gym membership. So (queue call-back to appropriately written blog title) show them some love! PRs are a great (and easy) place to start. The PR Board allows for positive touchpoints for both individuals and groups with every new personal record.

The Actions column contains “envelope” icons for each individual PR. Click on one to open the default email software on a computer or mobile device. The member’s email address and subject will be auto populated. The subject will look something like this:

Congrats on your PR for (workout name)!

The two icons located above the Actions column are universal: Email Members & Copy Members. They apply to everyone listed in the selected month.

Email Members: Sends an email to all members with a new PR in a selected month. Opens up the default email software on a computer or mobile device with all email addresses Bcc’d.

Copy Members: Copies all names (first and last) with a new PR in a selected month in a comma separated list.

Touchpoint Ideas

Below are a few practical ideas on how to incorporate utilizing the touchpoint features for the PR Board. These are based on best practices discovered via various btwb gyms.

Regular Weekly Emails

Log into the Admin Console on a weekly basis to view new PRs. The end of the week works best here. Because you’ll be checking the list more often, sending individual emails is likely to be a viable option. Personalize the email a bit to add an extra level of

End of Month Emails

Wait until the end of the month to give bulk shoutouts to everyone with a new PR. This works especially well if you have a bigger gym with lots of members logging scores. Use the universal Email Members button to Bcc everyone all at once.

End of Month Blog/FB Posts

Like the universal Email Members option, the Copy Members button is a great alternative if you’d prefer to highlight new PRs all at once in a blog post on your website, or in a Facebook group post. Use the button to copy and paste the member names wherever you want, then write up something cool celebrating those accomplishments.

*It’s important to note that this option puts your members’ front and center for the entire community to see. This could help foster increased engagement between members (real life high fives, fist bumps, etc), as well as increased motivation to appear on the list the following month.

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