What was the Height advantage on 19.1?

📷: CrossFit.com – CrossFit Veracity

There’s been a lot of talk/speculation about the height advantage on 19.1, and possibly a weight advantage as well. We decided to dive into our data for individual Rx’d men and women and see what we could find.

The findings: On average, an extra inch of height meant ~4 extra reps for women and ~3 extra reps for men.

So it’s something, but probably not as much as you’d hoped for. To give an example, a 6’0″ woman would be expected to finish about half a round ahead of a 5’7″ woman (5″ shorter).

For weight it was a little trickier. Being heavy does seem to give some advantage, up to a point. Then it doesn’t. For both men and women there was a 30-35 pound range that seemed to be a sweet spot, where the average scores were high and similar. But outside of the that range the average scores dropped off quickly.

The findings: The best performances on 19.1 came from men in the 180-215 pound range and women in the 140-170 pound range.

Being outside of this sweet spot cost men 16 reps and women 13 reps on average.

In our 19.1 Workout Analysis, we saw a big difference between scores for men and women. On a workout like this, a lot of that difference may be due to height difference. We ran some regressions and without correcting for height there was a 39 rep difference overall between the estimates for men and women. When we controlled for height, that difference shrunk to 19 reps. So for 19.1, differences in height accounted for almost 50% of the difference between male and female scores.

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