WODscreen Open 18.2/18.2A Leaderboard Update

We made some changes to the WODScreen Open Leaderboard, but you’ll have to restart Chromecast and WODscreen to see the changes. Sorry… blame Dave Castro!

​You’ll know you have the latest version if you see:

  • 7 circles (6 events, 1 total)

Make Sure Your Athletes Post For Both Workouts Even If They Are Time Capped

Athletes MUST log scores for both 18.2 and 18.2A, even if time capped on 18.2. A score of 0 is still required. A score of 0 on 18.2A – Rx’d is still higher than all scores logged to 18.2A – Scaled. Also, a score of 0 for 18.2A – Scaled is still higher than not posting any score. 

*In the BTWB system, a “no score” places lower than a score of 0. If you do not post your score for 18.2A, you will not be ranked properly.

So get your members to post!

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