The CrossFit Community Takes On Hurricane Harvey

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.” —Theodore Roosevelt

If you’ve been on Earth the past few months, you’ll be familiar with Hurricane Harvey. In a four-day period, many areas received more than 40 inches of rain causing catastrophic flooding on the Gulf Coast. More than 30,000 people were displaced and 17,000 rescued. Harvey caused 77 deaths and created an economic loss between $70 to $200 billion.

“Every… Single…. House…In this neighborhood was just like this. All 780. Neighbors helping neighbors, strangers helping strangers.” -Tim Adkins

Immediately, relief efforts and fundraisers were started to help all those in need who were being effected by the hurricane. Countless homes were destroyed, businesses torn down, and even CrossFit Affiliates were flooded and ruined. The essentials like blood donations, food, clothes, and medical supplies were all already being taken care of so we decided to organize a fundraiser event, #HelenForHouston.

“The idea is simple, do a workout and donate a few bucks. If you can’t donate then try to get someone else to participate. If you do the workout, post it online and challenge a friend to do it too.”

It’s important to remember that the people who own and run these affiliates are small business owners. They are not part of a big globo gym system. It’s your mom and pop gym that happens to be the best gym in the area. If you go to a CrossFit affiliate then you know what we are talking about. This is their passion project. The CrossFit Community is Our Community and we wanted to make sure we could do whatever we could to help. We encouraged the community to help by donating to our fundraiser or one of the many charities that were running. Even simply spreading the word and promoting awareness has a huge impact.

Right away, the community put tremendous support into the event. Initially, our goal was to just get up to $20,000 raised, but we quickly met this goal which then increased to $30,000… then $40,000… then $50,000. Our fundraiser finished at a $51,116.

The CrossFit Community took to social media to share the #HelenForHouston event, which was shared over 770 times on Instagram alone.

These donations came from 678 separate donors that rallied together. Some being individuals and some collectively as a gym from all over the world. We reached out to any affiliates in the affected areas of the hurricane and spoke with 11 of 12 Affiliates that reported sustained damage and are splitting the total funds raised evenly between them.

Affiliates Receiving Relief
CrossFit Annihilation $4,646.99
NorBeau CrossFit $4,646.99
CrossFit Yellow Rose $4,646.99
CrossFit Vidor $4,646.99
CrossFit Manvel $4,646.99
Bayou City CrossFit $4,646.99
CrossFit Point Break $4,646.99
P3 CrossFit $4,646.99
Skyline CrossFit $4,646.99
Eximo CrossFit $4,646.99
CrossFit Central Houston $4,646.99

BTWB Athlete Dan Bailey and BTWB Team Member Tim Adkins took time out of their schedules to fly down to Houston, TX to help with relief efforts.

@glowstrength was excited.

Dan Bailey doing Demolition For Time

Responses from Assisted Affiliates

“I am beyond humbled. I called to tell my wife about all of this when I left the gym this morning and she just started crying. It is incredibly generous and we are extremely thankful for everyone that participated.”

“Thank you and BTWB SO much for putting all of this together. Bayou City Crossfit, our owner Vic Zachary and our coaching staff are thankful for the community support and the fact that you have been working on our behalf.We will immediately use these funds to reimburse expenses incurred from the last 2 floods we’ve been impacted by and to prevent future flooding in and around our gym.”

“I am blown away with the support you guys have towards our CrossFit community. Long story short we tried to apply for assistance through different means and was not successful.I can’t say enough on how this money will more than enough cover the loss.”

“Thank you guys soooo much for your help… you have no idea how big of a blessing this is to us!”

“This is beyond generous and MUCH appreciated. The response from the CF Community has been overwhelming honestly. I know we’ll make a strong recovery as will the rest of the city, thanks to the generosity of people like yourselves.”

“Again thank you so much for your efforts in helping us all get back on our feet. Without your help, our gym would have never gotten back to normal.”

“Unreal!! Thank you so much for the help you guys have given and then generosity with which you did it!! Thank you!”

“This is absolutely incredible and has brought a few tears to my eyes! What you and the BTWB team have done for us (and the rest of the affiliates) is absolutely incredible. We can’t thank you enough.I also applaud your for your transparency. This is something that many people tend to forget in times like these.”

This sort of support is something indescribable. A natural disaster occurred. The community took notice, launched a campaign for help, and delivered. Hundreds of countless affiliates and CrossFitters around the the world contributed to helping out those in need.

Unfortunately, Harvey wasn’t the only devastating hurricane this season. Shortly after, Hurricane Irma came swirling in to cause more damage to the Caribbean area.

CrossFit Castaway is the only CrossFit Affiliate on the British Virgin Islands, and they faced Irma head-on.

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So here is the devastating photo's of our beloved gym after hurricane Irma. We are the only CrossFit affiliate in the whole of the British Virgin Islands and we want to be able to bring CrossFit back to the community of the BVI in the future. We are arranging a fundraiser with CrossFit Hartlepool and other UK gyms to help us raise our target to be able to rebuild. Every penny over what is needed that we receive will be donated straight to Peebles Hospital on Tortola which is doing an amazing job at such a hard time. In the meantime if you would like to make a donation please click the link in our bio! Your help is greatly appreciated! Link in bio! @crossfit @crossfitgames @beyondthewhiteboard #crossfit #hurricaneirma #wearecastaway

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Castaway has organized their own fundraiser to raise money to rebuild their affiliate and they still need support.

CrossFit SXM is a Non-Profit Affiliate in Sint Maarten is also in need. They received significant damage from Irma and were also looted by some heartless jerks, leaving them with very little left. They also have a fundraiser running.

Please share support and love for these affiliates and anyone else who is still in need of assistance as a result of these natural disasters.

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