We’ll Enter Your Gym’s Programming For FREE FOR 1 MONTH

All new WOD Concierge subscribers will get 1 free month of the service. The idea is to give you enough time to decide if it’s something you’d like to continue long-term.

After the 30 day trial we’ll continue to offer WOD Concierge for free forever IF:

  • You are on the Member Pays gym plan, and…
  • You have 30+ paying subscribers in your gym

*If interested, please send an email to support@btwb.com.

Post-Trial Cost

WOD Concierge pricing is determined by your BTWB gym subscription and the number of workouts you’d like us to enter for you each day. You can have us enter workouts for all of your tracks, or just one of your tracks. It’s up to you.

Member Pays (i.e. your members pay for themselves)

WOD Concierge is provided free of charge (for up to 3 workouts per day) as long as the above requirements are met.

FREE – up to 3 workouts per day
$125/month – up to 6 workouts per day
$200/month – up to 10 workouts per day
For 10 or more workouts per day, contact us directly for pricing.

For gyms that want to remain on the Member Pays subscription, but don’t meet the requirements for a free subscription, WOD Concierge subscriptions may still be purchased at the end of the trial.

Gym Pays (i.e. you pay for your members)

WOD Concierge is provided at an additional monthly fee.

$75/month – up to 3 workouts per day
$125/month – up to 6 workouts per day
$200/month – up to 10 workouts per day
For 10 or more workouts per day, contact us directly for pricing.

*Note: Each planned item (even if a non-scored warm-up/cool-down) counts as a “workout”. That means a day consisting of Fran, Deadlift 3-3-3-3, and some kind of cool-down/accessory work, hits the upper limit of the $75/FREE plan.

How It Works

    1. YOU select a day of the week (Mon-Fri)
    2. YOU email us your programming by that day each week
      • Programming will be for Mon-Sun of the following week
      • Example: send us your programming on Thurs for the following Mon-Sun
      • Programming can be emailed via any format (the workout, how it’s scored, and any extra notes you want added must be very clear)
  1. WE enter your programming that same day
  2. WE send you email confirmation of entry
  3. YOU sit back and relax while your members log their scores to your awesome workouts over the next week
  4. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

What People Are Saying About WOD Concierge

“WOD Concierge is an absolute must if you use BTWB! We use it to enter 4 separate tracks of programming every month and it is an absolute lifesaver. In my mind, the cost of this service is far too cheap for the time that it saves us each month. Thank you BTWB for creating WOD Concierge!” – Pat Barber, Warm-up & Workout (WUWO)

“One word comes to mind about the concierge service: value.  It’s freed up my coaches time from the tedious task of data entry, gives more consistency to our WOD posts, and gives unbiased insight to my programming metrics…something every coach would value.” – Zach Forrest, CrossFit Max Effort

“The WOD Concierge service through BTW has been nothing but stellar!  As a gym with multiple classes to program for, it’s an added benefit to our members to provide a high quality, user-friendly platform for them to input their workouts, and track their progress with in terms of their fitness at the gym.  I would highly recommend BTW’s WOD Concierge service to any gym out there looking to take some man hours off of their day-to-day operations and let the experts do the work!” – Nick Stalock, CrossFit St. Paul


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