WOD Concierge

Look, we get it; life as a box owner/manager can be tough. You have all of the awesome ideas in the world, but you don’t have the requisite time to see a majority of them come to fruition. Case in point, you signed your gym up for BTWB…awesome idea. Finding the time to enter all of your amazing programming, though? Not so much.

Introducing BTWB’s newest service, WOD Concierge.

Eliminate at least one of the many tasks you might have by allowing us to enter your workouts into BTWB for you. We’ll worry about choosing the proper template and adding new movements to the system, all to help give life to your brutally elegant workout creations. You focus on creating a world class fitness facility.

How It Works

  1. YOU select a day of the week (Mon-Fri)
  2. YOU email us your programming by that day each week
    • Programming will be for Mon-Sun of the following week
    • Example: send us your programming on Thurs for the following Mon-Sun
    • Programming can be emailed via any format (the workout, how it’s scored, and any extra notes you want added must be very clear)
  3. WE enter your programming that same day
  4. WE send you email confirmation of entry
  5. WE send you an Alerts PDF containing analysis of your programming over the last 6 months
  6. YOU sit back and relax while your members log their scores to your awesome workouts over the next week
  7. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Alerts PDF

In addition to entering your workouts, it is our goal to provide you with the most important/useful information regarding your programming. Our hope is to make creating an effective program for your gym simple and straightforward.

By using our Characteristics filters, as well as some of our own experience with CrossFit programming, the weekly Alerts PDF will inform you of potentially important missing pieces to a balanced, varied, inclusive program. The Alerts PDF will ONLY display issues we find. You’re already doing the good stuff, so keep on keeping on! Below are samples of things you might find in your Alerts PDF.

With WOD Concierge’s Alerts PDF, you and your members will continue to benefit from the powerful logging, tracking, and analysis tools BTWB has to offer, without any of the time commitment. Use our tips to make adjustments for the coming weeks to ensure your box has the most balanced/effective workouts possible.


WOD Concierge is available for an additional monthly fee. Cost will depend on the number of workouts to be entered by us on a weekly basis. You can have us enter workouts for all of your tracks, or just one of your tracks. It’s up to you.

*This subscription is in addition to any BTWB gym subscription you already have

$55/month – 5-13 workouts each week
$85/month – 14-21 workouts each week
$115/month – 22-28 workouts each week
$145/month – 29-35 workouts each week
$175/month – 36-43 workouts each week
$200/month – 44-51 workouts each week

*Note: Each planned item counts as a “workout”. That means if you have a day that consists of Fran, Deadlift 3-3-3-3, and some kind of cool-down/accessory work, that would be 3 “workouts” for that day counting towards your weekly total.

What People Are Saying About WOD Concierge

“WOD Concierge is an absolute must if you use BTWB! We use it to enter 4 separate tracks of programming every month and it is an absolute lifesaver. In my mind, the cost of this service is far too cheap for the time that it saves us each month. Thank you BTWB for creating WOD Concierge!” – Pat Barber, Warm-up & Workout (WUWO)

“One word comes to mind about the concierge service: value.  It’s freed up my coaches time from the tedious task of data entry, gives more consistency to our WOD posts, and gives unbiased insight to my programming metrics…something every coach would value.” – Zach Forrest, CrossFit Max Effort

“The WOD Concierge service through BTW has been nothing but stellar!  As a gym with multiple classes to program for, it’s an added benefit to our members to provide a high quality, user-friendly platform for them to input their workouts, and track their progress with in terms of their fitness at the gym.  I would highly recommend BTW’s WOD Concierge service to any gym out there looking to take some man hours off of their day-to-day operations and let the experts do the work!” – Nick Stalock, CrossFit St. Paul

If interested in utilizing the WOD Concierge services for your gym, please send an email to support@btwb.com. Included will be a 2 week free trial of the service to see if it’s something you’d be interested in for the long haul. We’re also happy to answer any questions you might have. Here’s to carving out more time in your busy, important lives!