New “Fitness Level Weekly” Track

Does your Fitness Level have a Green check mark? If not, our new “Fitness Level Weekly” track can help. It is now available as a free public track you can follow on BTWB.

(Located on the web under: Menu > “Your Tracks”, On mobile under: More > “YOUR NAME” > “Your Tracks”)

The most powerful feature on BTWB is our Fitness Level feature, which looks at your capacity across 8 different categories and assigns you a level from 0-100 for each of them. But this only works well if you’ve completed multiple workouts within each category. That’s why we created this new track, to help you get a more complete Fitness Level.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 3.41.58 PM

The Fitness Level Weekly track works like this: Each Sunday we’ll assign a Fitness Level workout for you to complete sometime that week. Each week will be from a different category. Most of them will be pretty short (e.g. 250m Row TT). After 8 weeks you’ll have completed one workout from each category. After 6 months you’ll have completed 3 from each category (and have very robust Fitness Level data).

Remember you only get credit towards your Fitness Level if you do the workouts without modification and mark them “As Prescribed (Rx’d)”. We tried to include workouts that were accessible to a lot of athletes without modification.

At CrossFit Kinnick we’re going to be incorporating each weekly element into our group classes to ensure our members have the most current and accurate Fitness Levels we can provide. This will allow them to clearly see their progress and improvement over time. If you program for a gym, consider including some of these for your members as well.

Our first Fitness Level Weekly workout will be Back Squat: 1 Rep Max. So take a crack at that next week and see where you’re at!


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  1. ART
    January 24, 2017 / 8:18 pm

    This is a great idea

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