Setting Up For The Fittest Fan Challenge

So you want to be the Fittest Fan? Let’s see what you got… but first, we need to make sure you prepare yourself so you can dominate the leaderboard.

If you’re already a BTWB member, all you need to do is add the Fittest Fan Challenge track to your profile. If you’ve just signed up through the Fittest Fan sign-up link, you will have the track setup on your page by default.

When you open the app, head to the More tab and then select your Name.


Then, select the Your Tracks link. At the bottom you’ll be able to opt-in to follow the Fittest Fan Challenge track.


After that, just head back to your ToDos tab and the Fittest Fan Challenge workouts will appear on your list. To add your score to it, tap the title portion of the workout and then tap Log. You’ll also be able to see more details of the challenge when you select the workout. If you don’t remember which one’s you’ve logged, you’ll see an entry in the Previous section.


For your result to populate on the leaderboard, you must mark your result As Prescribed (Rx’d) AND have your result’s privacy option set to Everyone. You don’t want to be crushing the workouts and not be able to brag about it on the leaderboard.


Make sure you don’t lose your scorecard. Without a fully completed and verified card, you will not be able to claim your domination.

If you have any questions or issues, just hit us up at We’ll be chillin at the Games so we’ll respond fairly quickly.

Good luck!

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