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Julie Foucher has been tracking her results on btwb since she started CrossFit, and, to date, has logged more results than any other btwb user. She’s improved her Fitness Level from an average level 60 to an elite 90+, and she’s transformed from this into a 3x CrossFit Games podium finisher.

During her Level 1 CrossFit certification course Julie became fascinated with the definitions of fitness and health that Coach Greg Glassman developed. In particular, the sickness-wellness-fitness continuum took hold of a special place in her heart. When she began her medical training, the gap between wellness and fitness in the US health care system became gapingly apparent to her. Instead of maximizing health, she found, the country is simply fighting disease, much of which can be prevented in the first place.

Over the last few months we’ve been working with Julie on a new project that combines her love of CrossFit with her interests in health. We are excited to announce the “Pursuing Health w/ Julie Foucher” podcast. The endeavor is already 8 episodes deep, and includes interviews with health professionals and top-notch CrossFit athletes alike. The goal is to combine what she has learned through CrossFit and medicine to inspire and empower others to, hopefully, live healthier, more fulfilling lives. New episodes are released ever other Tuesday.

See below for a complete list of podcast episodes. Also, if you like any of the episodes, please subscribe to Pursuing Health on iTunes and give it a rating. You can also leave feedback via the comments section of iTunes, Julie’s podcast blog, or on social media using the hashtag #JFHealth.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: Rich Froning

Julie talks with the 4x Games champion on transitioning from Individual to Team competition, re-prioritizing his fitness goals for the future, and the role his faith plays in it all.

Episode 2A: Dr. Michael Canales

Julie sits down with Dr. Michael Canales, an ex gymnast, Julie’s gymnastics coach, and a foot and ankle surgeon at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center in Cleveland, OH, to discuss her injury, the additional exposure gymnastics has received because of CrossFit, and achilles injuries in general in CrossFit.

Episode 2B: Dr. Michael Canales

In part B with Dr. Michael Canales, the two dive deeper into Canales’ reaction to Julie’s injury, balancing roles as a coach, mentor, friend, & surgeon, as well as pursuing virtuosity in his own life.

Episode 3: Lindsey Smith

Julie interviews Lindsey Smith, 4x CrossFit Games athlete, about her Games experiences, her decision to give up competitive CrossFit, and her many roles in life (athletic director, mother, wife, athlete, trainer and student).

Episode 4: Hilary Froning & Ashley Khalipa

Here Julie chats with Hilary Froning and Ashley Khalipa, the wives of Rich Froning and Jason Khalipa, about the role CrossFit has had on their relationships, their husbands’ decisions to go Team, plus their own reasons for working out.

Episode 5: Men Of The 2015 CrossFit Games Demo Team

The whacky men of the 2015 CrossFit Games Demo Team (Matt Chan, Zach Forrest, Paul Tremblay) offer Julie insights into their training plans for 2016, positive habits they struggle to implement, and their visions of a healthy life.

Episode 6: Women Of The 2015 CrossFit Games Demo Team

Julie gets candid with the women of the 2015 CrossFit Games Demo Team (Jennifer Smith, Christy Adkins, Talayna Fortunato). They discuss the experiences of being part of the Demo Team, each members’ competition plans for 2016, and the healthy habits that help keep them at the top of their game.

Episode 7: Dr. Mark Hyman

In episode 7 Julie sits down with Dr. Mark Hyman. Dr. Hyman is the founder and medical director of the UltraWellness Center, Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine, and Director of the Center for Functional Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic. His main focus is on functional medicine. Here the two talk about the idea behind functional medicine, as well as the future of medicine.

Train With Julie Foucher

After 6 years of training for the CrossFit Games under Doug Chapman of HyperFit USA, Julie has left her competitive career behind in order to complete medical training. This next chapter presents a new challenge for her – she wants to maintain the high level of fitness she’s worked so hard for over the past several years, but she no longer has the luxury of spending hours in the gym each day. Thus, TRAIN was born: 1 hour in the gym per day, 5 days per week, fully scheduled out and jam-packed to build a solid foundation of GPP and proficiency in the full gamut of weightlifting, gymnastics, and monostructural skills.

Now you can join Julie as a virtual training partner via Beyond The Whiteboard – you’ll have access to her daily posts and comments on each workout, as well as receive feedback directly from her on your progress. You can learn more/sign up now by clicking the link below or by going to btwb.com/juliefoucher.

The programming begins October 4th – come TRAIN with Julie!

Learn More About TRAIN With Julie Foucher

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