CrossFit Games 15.5: Preliminary Numbers

Open workout 15.5 is finally here. Rowing and Thrusters. It’s a spicy combination. Here are some preliminary numbers to help you plan your attack:

 CrossFit Games Open 15.5 – Rx’d


For the Rx’d version of the workout here’s how the percentiles are playing out so far:

Men’s 99th Percentile: 7:25
Men’s 90th Percentile: 9:15
Men’s 50th Percentile: 12:26
Female’s 99th Percentile: 8:19
Female’s 90th Percentile: 10:29
Female’s 50th Percentile: 13:40

Here is the graph and percentiles for 15.5 – Scaled:

CrossFit Games Open 15.5 – Scaled


Final Analysis

Check our out final breakdown of 15.5 here.

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