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Since switching to our current version of the site in 2012 we’ve been compiling a list of Plan/Log updates we’ve been wanting to make. The CrossFit community evolves each and every year. It is our goal to evolve alongside it. That means newer Plan/Log features to reflect the changing workout styles preferred by our users. The major updates can be found below.

*Note: we are slowly rolling out these changes. About half of our users currently have access to these updates. The rest will be updated over the weekend.


The new Alt EMOM multi-movement template will allow users to both Plan and Log EMOMs with different movements performed on even and odd minutes. A sample of an Alt EMOM workout might be:

  • Every Minute On The Minute, for 10 minutes, perform 5 back squats (185#) on the even minutes, and 15 pull-ups on the odd minutes


Max Height

You can now Plan workouts scored by height. Examples include:

  • Max Height Box Jump


Max Holds

All movements scored by holds (handstand hold, plank hold, etc.) can now be Planned for max holds and multiple set holds. Examples include:

  • Max Handstand Hold
  • 3 sets of max plank holds with 1 min rest between sets


“+” Sets and Max Reps

Plan single movement, lifting workouts utilizing the Wendler style “+” set. In addition, you can turn the last set of any Single Movement, Lifting Workout into a “max reps” set. Examples include:

  • Back Squat 5-5-Max Reps
  • Shoulder Press 3-3-3+


Copy Movement

Copy a previosly added movement to quickly add it again elsewhere in the workout. This eliminates having to go through the “add a new movement” process multiple times.

Quick Select

When using the RFT: Same Varying Reps (e.g. 21 – 15 – 9) template you’ll be able to select from mutliple, popular rep schemes commonly used by CrossFitters. This should help to reduce Planning/Logging times.

Drag & Drop

Easily change the organization of your workout by dragging and dropping movements in new locations.


You may not be able to Plan workouts on our mobile apps just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to log results for the newer workout styles. Record scores for alternating EMOMs, max height jumps and max holds from your Android and iPhone devices.



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