Our Best Articles of 2014

In 2014, we made a commitment to start producing quality, data-based, research articles. Using our extensive workout data collection, we’ve been able to come out with some great findings. We also started sending surveys to Affiliates to help support our “Affiliate R&D” series. Below you’ll find a list of our Best Articles of 2014. And, stay tuned! We plan to continue, and expand, our research and publishing efforts in 2015.

Run Calibrator w/ Brian MacKenzie


Run Calibrator
Beyond the Whiteboard has teamed up with Brian MacKenzie, Founder of CrossFit Endurance, to bring you the Run Calibrator, an innovative running program that evolves with each individual athlete.

CrossFit Games Open 2014 Analysis


Part 1: Results Breakdown
Examine aggregated user results data for each week of the 2014 CrossFit Games Open. How did you stack up to the rest of the BTWB community?

Part 2: Programming Breakdown
Each year the Open is a unique competition containing very specific workout characteristics. See what 2014 looked like from a macro perspective.

CrossFit.com Programming Analysis


Part 1: Modality Breakdown
Explore the modality breakdown (Monostructural Cardio, Gymnastics, Weightlifting) of CrossFit.com programming since 2008.

Part 2: Movement Breakdown
Which movements does “Main Site” deem most important in their programming? We discovered the top 30 since 2008, as well as developing trends from year to year.

Part 3: Workout Breakdown
Read about trends in “.com” programming with regards to repeated workouts. Has the idea of “benchmarks” lost its luster?

CrossFit Games Athletes


How Julie Foucher Became Julie Foucher
Learn about Julie’s transformation into a perennial Games athlete.

Jeremy Kinnick: Recovering from Last Year
Even the best struggle at times. Training and recovery insights from a 4x Games athlete.

Improving in CrossFit


How Long does it take to improve in CrossFit?
Looking to attain Dragon Status (level 90)? We can tell you exactly how long it will take.

Working out More: Is it Worth it?
More workout days does lead to faster gains.

Affiliate R&D


Part 1: Free Guest Experiment
There are numerous ways to get more people to join a gym. Here’s an experiment we recently tested.

Part 2: The Coffee Box
Coffee and CrossFit go hand in hand. Read about how Reebok CrossFit Cardiff is taking the combination to a entirely different level.

Part 3: To On-Ramp or Not to On-Ramp?
How important is an On-ramp program to the success of an affiliate? We surveyed our users to find out.

Fitness Level Workouts


Easiest Fitness Level Workouts
Every one can get an accurate Fitness Level number. Read about the most doable Fitness Level workouts here, and start filling up those categories.

New Fitness Level Workouts
We’ve added 175 workouts to our existing Fitness Level workouts list. View them here.

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