Games Booth: ABCs of Fitness 2013

The CrossFit Games are next week and, as usual, we are an official sponsor. Just like the last two years we will be giving out the ABC’s Of Fitness shirt to any members that come by the booth. In 2011 we did black, last year we did red, and this year we’re going gray.

Plus!  Included in the Reebok goody bags this year you’ll find a Beyond The Whiteboard flier highlighting our newest feature.  It won’t disappoint.


Past Shirts


Why Are The Benchmarks Named After Girls?

To quote Coach Glassman, “Anything that leaves you flat on your back and incapacitated only to lure you back for more at a later date.” Many people forget, or don’t know, that the Girl Workouts are named alphabetically, like hurricanes, and are the classic Benchmarks of CrossFit. Pictured above is 2011’s, shirt(black), last year’s shirt (red), and this year’s shirt(gray).  Who has them all?

Why Are They The ABC’s of Fitness

They embody the idea of CrossFit. To quote Coach Glassman again, “If you are improving at these, you are becoming fitter.”

The Design and Shirt

Simple and to the point. Next to each workout is the amount of posts CrossFitters around the world have posted. As you can see the numbers increased a lot from last year(We passed 3 million results). The amount of Benchmark Workouts(Girl Workouts) results, in our opinion, correlate to the rapidly growing CrossFit world. Hence, we decided to begin an annual tradition of making a limited run of the shirt as a reflection of our thriving community.

American Apparel 50-50 Poly-Cotton blend shirt.

These pieces are comprised of our distinct 50/50 Poly-Cotton blend. Unlike other Poly-Cotton t-shirts on the market, ours is made with combed cotton, giving it an ultra soft, worn in feel and superior drape. Even finer than traditional combed-cotton yarn, this ultra-comfortable fabric features remarkable recovery even after repeated washings. Slightly more opaque than our Sheer Jersey yet still lightweight, these shirts offer a versatile surface perfect for screen printing and embellishment. -American Apparel


We put the date on the back of the shirt and don’t plan on printing more in the future. We wanted to create the classic concert shirt feel. That shirt you keep around for years because it reminds you of a certain event in your life. So if you are at the games, stop by and grab your swag bag. Free for any beyond the whiteboard member.



  1. Alethea
    July 21, 2013 / 11:45 pm

    Will they be for purchase online?

  2. Ryan Brooks
    July 21, 2013 / 11:56 pm

    Can we order these shirts online somewhere?

  3. Joshua Carlton
    August 23, 2013 / 11:17 pm

    Is there a way to order these shirts online?

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