CrossFit Open 13.2 Guide

Workout 13.2

As many rounds as possible in 10 mins of:
5 Shoulder To Overhead 115/75
15 Deadlifts 115/75
9 Box Jumps 24in/20in

CF Open Prep and Strategy for 13.2: W /Diane Fu, Carl Paoli, Brian MacKenzie, and Kelly Starrett

Gymnastics WOD: CrossFit Games Breakdown 13.2

Push Press

CrossFit Journal

Old School Coach Glassman Video

Mobility WOD
Start at about 1:10.


CrossFit Journal

  • The Deadlift
    The deadlift is unrivaled in its simplicity and impact while unique in its capacity for increasing head to toe strength.
  • Keeping Your Adductors Strong
    Knees rolling in on squats and pulls? Bill Starr explains how you can fix the problem by working on your adductors, which will translate to more weight on the bar.
  • Spanish Deadlift
    Maggie Dabe from CrossFit Fairfax is one of CrossFit HQ’s traveling seminar trainers. Originally from Ecuador, she explains our standard cues and faults for the deadlift entirely in Spanish.
  • Deadlifts a la Tate
    In this series on the deadlift, Tate offers a simplified approach. Pick the bar up. More specifically, he says, stay on the heels, shoulders start over or behind the bar, lean back, and stand up. Sumo style is better for some. His language reflects his ti
  • Pulling Exercises: Hip It Before You Whip It
    Learning how to pull a weight off the floor or a platform correctly can help every strength athlete to better perform a number of very beneficial exercises: power cleans, power snatches, full cleans, full snatches, clean and snatch grip high-pulls, and co
  • The Slow Lifts: Deadlift
    There is no more functional movement than picking up something heavy, as we do in the deadlift, writes Mark Rippetoe of The Witchita Falls Athletic Club/CrossFit Witchita Falls in part 5 of his series on the slow lifts.
  • The Slow Lifts
    The slow lifts—the squat, the press, the deadlift and the bench press—form the basis of any effective program to improve strength, writes Mark Rippetoe, owner of The Wichita Falls Athletic Club and Crossfit Wichita Falls and co-author of Starting Stre
  • CrossFit & Powerlifting
    Several months ago I came across a link to, and, after sifting through the site for a while, I was hooked. As someone who appreciates the value of hard work, I knew I had to find a way to incorporate this type of training and conditioning int
  • Correcting The Deadlift
    Rachel Medina is the co owner of CrossFit South San Clemente, she is also a part of CrossFit HQ’s traveling Level 1 seminar team.

    In this clip from Jordan Gravatt of CrossFit by Overload, Rachel “Funky-Cold” Medina teaches the deadlift to Level 1

  • CrossFit Kids – Teaching the Deadlift
    Jeff Martin shows his progression for teaching young kids how to deadlift. Jeff and his wife Mikki run CrossFit Kids. He explains why barbells are less important for kids, how cues like the Angry Gorilla came to be, and why they’re so important for teachi

Box Jump

CrossFit Journal

Gymnastics WOD on Box Jumps

Mobility WOD: Recovering

Let’s be honest, you are doing this WOD twice. Might as well know how to recover the best way via Mobility WOD.


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