Take Advantage of Workout Actions: Log, Plan, Favorite

When you see these buttons near a workout, you’ll be able to quickly do what you need to do.



If you’ve done the workout, and want to log your result, clicking “Log” will let you begin logging it right away.


If you want to schedule the workout for yourself or your Gym, clicking “Plan” will let you do that.  As soon as you click, you’ll see this overlay.  Set your options and you’re done!



If you see a workout you like, you can save it for later by clicking the “Favorite” button.  You can bring these workouts back up by using the Filters on the Plan page or the Explore>Workouts page.  Just click on the “WODs” filter, choose “Favorites” and click “Save”.  You can also access them by going to Log>Workout and clicking on the “Your Favorites” button there.



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