CrossFit Games Open 12.5: Guide, Analysis, Tips


12.5 is a repeat from last year’s open workout 11.6, so we have a lot of data to look at it. The median last year was 75 reps, which is getting past the Thrusters in the 15s(round 4). The majority of the results are between 60 to 90 reps. The open workouts are ranked using the Standard Competition Ranking.

In competition ranking, items that compare equal receive the same ranking number, and then a gap is left in the ranking numbers. The number of ranking numbers that are left out in this gap is one less than the number of items that compared equal.

For example, if four people tie for second place the third best score will get six points(1,2,2,2,2,6). It stands to reason that getting above 90 reps could dramatically effect your score. For instance, lets say 1000 people get 70 reps and you could 69 reps. Although they did one more rep than you did, you will have 1000 points added to your score(lower score is better). So if you are shooting for 80…get 91. Also, we are confident everyone will do better this year than last year, because CrossFit is amazing like that.

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Check out a list of videos from Carl Paoli for last year’s prep.


2008, 2009 and 2011 Games Competitor Jeremy Kinnick has a great video on learning the butter fly kip.

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Efficiency Tips: Pull-ups” with Chris Spealler: wmv, mov, HDmov


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