The Story of Lynne: A CrossFit Girl Workout

While researching CrossFit workouts Corey ran across an interesting turn of events. Jon and I, being the CrossFit junkies we are, went way too far into the matrix.

May 12th, 2004

5 rounds of:
Bench press 135 pounds, max reps
Pull-up, max reps
Rest 2 minutes

Post reps for each round to comments.

Posted on/for Lynne Pitts’ (old school CrossFitter) birthday.

August 5th, 2004

How many reps in 20 minutes of:
Bench press body weight

Post reps to comments.

This workout was very similar to a previous workout. Lynne killed it, even claiming, “At last, the WOD-God has smiled on me…”


The New Girls(November 2004)

Linda is listed as the “L” Girl workout in the “New Girls” journal article. Note, at this point, Lynne (the workout not the person), doesn’t officially exist.

Lynne (April 8th, 2005)


Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press

Post reps for both exercises in all rounds.

A hybrid of the previous workouts is now called “Lynne”. Long time CrossFitter and affiliate owner, Ahmik Jones, refers a previous WOD (most likely 08/04) as “Lynne”, although this is the first mention of it on Main Site.


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